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  1. the hyper looks good but try to fill in the space and it'll look way better. And please change the colours of the woodies because you have a good layout but the pink is just over the top
  2. The park is very cool and the theming is top notch but I think you post alot of screens that don't really add to the park. I know it sounds weird but I think you post very little new stuff like a small addition here and there but I think its a shame that you do this mini updates that don't really present somthing new, nothing is actually updated if you know what I mean, I constantly check the thread for new stuff but mostly its just a new screenshot from the same places as 3 updates ago. I'd like to see more new stuff and expanding in this park because I know you can pull it off masterly.
  3. Wow that is one crazy looking flyer!!! I wonder whats next if its going to be as cool as this I can't wait. The flyer really is cool especially the way it blends with the surroundings. Awesome job on this one BRT
  4. I agree what some guys say over here and I'm not trying to be harsh or so but if you don't want any criticism or any feedback that can be negative then why do you post on the forum, especially when most of the stuff your showing isn't done yet or connected to a path or somthing like that. I was very nervous to start a park and my Jurassic park turned out to be a failed experiment but I took the advice people gave me and started Sunset Hills wich is a way better park then Jurassic Adventures. I don't see the point of posting a park on a forum if you don't allow people to say if they like it or not, I personally think thats a bit childish if you're expecting that everything people will say about your work is good. Negative criticism is the best in my opinion because it makes you better each time. Sometimes it is a smack in the face because you put your time in it but it is mostly with the best intensions people say these things and its to help you get better.
  5. Looks very good from what I see. You so need to but in you blizzard in this park. Everybody loves a cool divemachine
  6. Man how many hours a day do you play because your pace of progress is really fast! Cool thing is you don't lose quality in designs so good grades on that one. I like the colours of Bandit way better than the last colours and the station is very cool. The new ride is cool but because its such a "standard" ride I would have made the station a bit more "interesting". I'd also like to see an new overview. Keep up the good work.
  7. Panther is very cool I have to give you that but I'm not a big fan of the woodie to be honest. I can't tell why but it looks a bit off to me
  8. actually there is if you check the POV. its just a vertical turn
  9. Very nice POV indeed only sad it was the only coaster posted
  10. Well since you were the only one to post within the time schedule you won DCQ. Its a very cool coaster but I'd like to see a pov if its not too much trouble
  11. Its a really cool coaster layout I'll give you that but I still think a little touch of landscaping would make it look even better. But other than that its awesome, I wonder what the future will bring. Keep it up
  12. You guys only have 1day left to get your coasters done!!! If its impossible to complete for most of you guys I'll give 2more days if necesarry
  13. El catchatoré If I spelled it right it means "The hunter"
  14. Man looks really good so far and I love the simplicity of the entrance, "less is more" can be a motto after all. I really hope you can go a long with this one because I really like your style of building and use of terrain. Keep up the good work.
  15. This is one of the greatest RCT2 parks I've ever seen without a doubt. I've even checked some stuff at NewElement but those guys tend to overdo it, this park is balanced and well thought of without going to far in fantasy. Try entering in a lottery and build this for real!!! Just awesome P.S. My jaw still hurts from dropping to the floor
  16. Looks sweet, good to see you up and building again I like your parks.
  17. Just do your best I bet it'll be fine. There's nothing to lose here
  18. Very cool layout and theming but I'm still missing landscaping around the rest of the coaster. I still don't have that "Ravine" feel about it and I don't want to keep bugging you with this but it'll really make a difference I think. If you don't want do change the landscape I'd call it "River Dive".
  19. I like it very much First of all an awesome Layout and very good pacing. Some rough transitions but thats ok for me cuz its a woodie. And I got decapitated by a tree during the ride(talking about a headchopper )
  20. I have recently been able to play RCT3 again and I've decided the winner of this contest will recieve either the dl or previews of the 3 following years of my Sunset Hills park. Srry TLM but its very hard to judge on 2different games and it wouldn't be fair to you or the other players who are in this competition.
  21. No we don't have toshiba's at my place^^. GOOD NEWS!!!! Yesterday was opening day of year 3 of Sunset Hills and all I can say is that the new coaster Blasts your brain out(quite literally). the new section has as promised 2 new coaster (Redneck, Flying Lizard), 3 new flat rides (Eclipse, breakdance, and grand carousell), a new restaurant (Luigi's) and a new gift shop (the emporium). So without talking for the sake of talking here are the pictures I took during my third annual trip to Sunset Hills. Some "old" Classics Blue thunder: Wasp: Tornado run's station has a new billboard: And now for the new section!!!!! Coming up to Flying Lizard: Overview of flying lizard: Breakdance and the Emporium: Luigi's Pizza and pasta heaven: And then I went to the big red coaster that cought my eye REDNECK: This picture was taken by my friend. I'm the big guy on the front row This are all the pictures I took that day but I'm sure to go back soon and I'll try to get some onride shots next time. I hope you all like the park so far and please keep commenting and giving advise to me since I think there's much more I can do with this park so please keep commenting. -Stijn-
  22. please do and please add some landscaping to the rest of your park it'll make all the difference
  23. Its all very well themed and such but where's the landscaping? I'm really missing it since your woody is called ravine flyer, where's the ravine? it can be you didn't yet show us this but I'd like to see more hills and such. Fot the rest the park is really cool.
  24. Glad to hear people think its a cool contest Can't wait to see what you guys pull toghether. I think I'll make one of my own aswell as soon as can get some game time.
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