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  1. Apparently someone got it in a "random email" ... You know the people here at TPR sure aren't as "noobish" as those CWMania people are! What's even worse too is that it's their home park and they are discussing random garbage.


    Unfortunately, CWMania is plagued by idiot trolls because our admins and mods (*cough* Dan and Jen *cough*) have no metaphorical balls. A lot of the newer members are the idiots who are only staying around for the announcement and then will loose interest; I'd advise you pay no attention to them.

    I asure you that our senior members are much more intelligent.

  2. On an unrelated note, Windseeker was closed for much of the day, at first due to technical issues, then due to high winds. I guess if they know there's high winds, they don't really need to seek them...


    I know it seems a tad ironic, but it really is wise of the park. Guests would not be very happy riding it in high winds, due to some issues with the prototype.


    On a more related note, I wasn't stating that all Intamins have any spectacularly high amount of downtime... As someone mentioned earlier, Canada's Wonderland can't afford another Windseeker disaster (if you'd call it that).

  3. I think a Dive Machine over 90 metres would be an amazing feat for B&M, but that said I still can't see it happening. I think we'd be lucky to even get any coaster over 90 metres.


    I actually think I'd enjoy an Intamin, but CW's attendance is much too high to make up for much downtime. I guess we'll have to wait for the announcement, but I hope it's something that makes it worth coming back to my home park next year!


    - MixedDrink

  4. Anyone at the park lately notice a major clearing by Mantis's staircase up to the station and by Iron Dragon, it just happened in the past week and its very strange, any one know why?


    Actually, I did notice that when I was at the park (July 9th), but I was unaware it was anything new... I just figured it was an ugly area of the park.

    I'd love to hear an explanation for that as well!

  5. I've on Xtreme Skyflyer here at Canada's Wonderland. Its worth it the first time, as re-stated several times by others.. but I found the drop much better than on drop tower. I had nothing to hold on to, it felt like I was just falling. In my opinion, Skycoasters and Drop towers are completely different experiences, the vest feels like clothing vs the seats that feel like... seats.


    At the CF Parks if you ride alone it'll cost you 2-3 times more than it does if you have friends, so I'd just try and find two random people to split the bill.


    At $22.50, I regret nothing. However, hell if I'll ever spend that money again.


    - MixedDrink

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