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  1. I don't believe you need to press the Enter key after a comma.



    That's just how I write, in pretty much everything, excluding schoolwork.


    ^ ... because a flying coaster with a lift hill is copying Tatsu...


    I don't think that's what he means.

    If the lift hill seems separated in someway from Superman, but feels like Tatsu's lift, then it has a Tatsu vibe to it. Maybe it's some kind of background/height/angle thing?

  2. ^ You've given the fairy ideas!

    Also, no I don't drink or like drinking or anything. The name just sounds kind of cool, and I've been using it forever!


    ^^ You have foreseen the future!


    And thank you mighty title fairy!

    I think it is the most honorable and witty title!


    But I shall be back once I'm 19! (Legal drinking age in Canada)

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