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  1. ^^ It's a great park, overall above average. But it lacks in the ride department a little bit. Many of the rides are kind of "blah", un-original and/or painful rides dominate the park, but things have been looking up since CF took over. You should definitely come visit, it's a great visitor friendly park, and Behemoth is more than worth it, but when you've been there and done that around the park it gets a little boring.

  2. ^ Just for future reference, a vertical loop is one that goes straight up and down like that one. Now picture that loop on its side and you've got a horizontal one (I believe).


    Man, I'm super excited for Maverick right now, as I may be going to Cedar Point in May or June. But Maverick doesn't look like its going to live up to even the impression I've got from this beauty.

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