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  1. ^ X2 got new trains, to my knowlage, Medusa's just getting their trains refurbished, that's a whole other ballpark.



    The firm, which operates 20 amusement parks nationwide, reported revenues of $345.7 million for the three months that ended June 30. That was an increase of 1 percent from the same quarter of 2007, while attendance at the company’s various parks fell 3 percent year-over-year to 8.6 million.


    Six Flags blamed the decrease in attendance on the timing of Easter, which fell in the first quarter of 2008, rather than in the second quarter, as it did in 2007.


    - http://www.poststar.com/articles/2008/08/04/news/latest/doc489740cfa5dda703819223.txt


    3 percent, would actually translate to a good bit in the amusement park industry. If say 100000 were to visit the park in a month, that's 3000 people.

  2. How to be an ACEr.

    1. Gain at least 95 pounds.

    2. Pay a ridiculous amount of money.

    3. Don't talk to ANYONE.

    4. Browse the interwebs looking for POVs of Crystal Beach Cyclone.


    And don't forget, eat all park food, or food that can be found and tastes like the food at the park.


    - Basil

  3. -Crappy parents drive me nuts. Amusement parks are ideal places to have fun with your kids while teaching them safe and considerate behavior in public.


    -Kids on leashes are a classic example of lazy parenting.


    Oh jeez, last time I visited CW, a mother was asking if she could hang onto her bratty kids leash on Swings of the Century.

    Some people just have no common sense.

  4. Park photographers who instantly pounce on you.

    The price of those photographs.

    Employees that show disrespect to me, just because I'm a teenager.

    When the GP pretend to be know-it-alls in the que, when half of it is a load.

    (ie: "Behemoth actually goes 135 KM/h, but they have to slow it down cause that's too fast.") Oh jeez, the general public.

    People who smoke in non-designated areas (especially lines!)

    People who cut past you in line 'because they have a friend saving them a spot." I swear, next time someone says this, I'm going to HAVE to tell them off.


    I could go all day.

  5. if they'd just remove those darn ear flaps from the top of the restraints then maybe it'll be more tolerable.


    There are new vest restraints on the newer SLCs, they don't have those stupid ear flaps.

    They are also supposed to be smoother than the earlier trains because all the wheels touch the track. Huzzah!

    I hope Wonderland gets them next year for Flight Deck.


    - Basil

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