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  1. ^ That wouldn't be such a big deal anyways,

    I spent $70 bucks for an MX Revolution, and I like to use it whenever I can!


    When I hopefully start work next year, I'm going to put aside some money so that I can get Apple Care before the year of service is over,

    my sister didn't get Apple Care, and a couple of months after her Warranty expired, her Superdrive jammed (her own fault though).

    I'm not willing to take that risk!

  2. Just a reply for tons of posts,

    I am well aware Macs have few viruses,

    I was stating that she may get a virus on a PC.



    My parents have an iMac, and my oldest sister has a MacBook, both of which are slow (by my standards), most likely because of a crap amount of ram. So I have to be sure to get more, but I love the UI, and the general vibe from Macs. They don't often harsh on my mellow (it has crashed maybe once or twice, and both of those times were most definitely my fathers fault. )


    I was wondering if the awesomeness of macs would be overruled by convenience, but I think I've made my decision. If my sister does agree (she's been hesitating lately), I think I'll be going for the MacBook Pro.


    Thanks for all of your help!


    - Basil

  3. You will want a comuter for each of you. Because you could be working on something and your sister comes along and says she needs to check her email/chat with friends/or whatever and could be on there for hours.


    Well, heres some facts/rules

    My sister is actually not a big computer user, and she would not be on there for hours, I would kick her off.

    She'd have an hour, unless I was gone/didn't want to go on.

    And she's bad with time, she'd forget how much time has gone by, and not kick me off for probably more than an hour and half (if I'm even on that long). So I'm not worried about that when our parents our home,

    I guess to straighten things out more if my parents aren't home we'll kill each other, that's really the only thing I'm worried about with sharing.

    That and porn, bahah.

    *Excessive Use of Winks!*


    Definitely 2 PCs, They're probably just as good as the macs, only macs are WAAAAY overpriced.


    Well my sister is stupid, so that's another pro for the mac.

    She would probably try and download a game or something and get a virus, not that they are hard to get rid of, but I feel like it's a waste of system resources having an anti-virus.

  4. Okay, so here is the deal,

    me and my sisters laptops have to be returned to my father's workplace soon. And we need a new computer,

    for Christmas, we could either get two decent Toshiba PCs, or a Macbook pro.

    But my question is, which one would be more worth while?

    I am an extensive computer user, I edit video, animate in Flash CS3, but I don't game.

    MacBook Pros are very high quality, and last a good long time.

    But I'm a little bit afraid we would fight over the computer a lot.

    We've had to share before, but since it's been a while, I don't really know how much she uses the computer.

    However, she for sure uses it less than me.

    So it's either a base model MacBook Pro, or two decent $700 Toshibas.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I would love it,


    1.It would be very cold. A lot of the merchandise/foods at CW would have significant decline in purchases, no need for a coke from the machine in December!

    2. Canada's Wonderland had a better maintenance team,

    as was said before, Universal and Disney can afford these people. So they have no need for any work to be done in an off-season, or an off season at all for that matter!

    3. I'm sure ice on brakes would NOT be good.


    Blame Canada!

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