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  1. I found out about this a while ago, and heard rumors about the thing being pitched in Vegas, but I would have never guessed this would open in my own backyard!!!! This more than makes up for SFOG's lack of a new coaster in the foreseeable future. It does seem random to build such a huge attraction in the middle of North Georgia, but then again my state has been pitching lots of crazy new developments like a new Falcons stadium and a new Braves stadium.

  2. It boggles my mind how some people can seem to draw conclusions from an article that does not even get ride specs right. I mean 300-315 feet high and 65 mph? Maybe the author types his numbers on a 10 key number pad and accidentally typed a 6 instead of 9 (has happened to me ). Also, how can one just make the assumption that just because the picture in this article is a B&M wing rider, that Carowinds' new coaster automatically has to be a Wing Rider?


    It seems like the article is just featuring Cedar Fair's last constructed "high dollar" attraction in the photo. No one will know for sure who will ultimately be contracted to build this new mammoth attraction, until its officially announced. I'm simply excited at the possibility of having a huge, NEW coaster within 4 hours of my house! Shouldn't everyone be happy about a new coaster???


    And yes I would prefer Intamin! Maverick is my top steel coaster, and it's great to be at the mercy of that ride! It's one of the only coasters where I've hung on for dear life, in a good way. And I know they're more into pushing the envelope of ejector air and that "out-of-control" feeling, both of which I love. It looks like Carowinds could definitely take the crown as "thrill capital of the Southeast." SFOG needs to buck up if they want to compete.

  3. ^^Google Plus still exists!!?!?


    I still don't like looking at the site where such a great ropes course/structure was located and seeing it just gutted.



    Here's some footer placement just posted to their Google plus page too! I guess someone's still using it


    Looks like today was "footer Friday," and here's the link to their post: https://plus.google.com/116429753462431227403/posts/RECAmK559Rm


  4. Hello all! My partner and I are going to be driving up to Kennywood for the first time, from Atlanta. I heard from a recent Pittsburgh transplant, that the drive up through West Virginia is quite nice, so we're very excited. We're planning on going up on Friday or Saturday of Labor Day weekend. I've searched through the forums history, and found one comment from 2009, that the crowds really aren't that terrible this weekend. Although, that was a full 4 years ago, so I am curious to see if anyone went last labor day weekend, so I could estimate if we'll need one day, or two days at the park. Everyone has their favorite attractions to hit up first, to maximize their time, so anyone have any suggestions on a plan of attack? Also, would it be worth it to make a day trip to Idlewild?

  5. I had a bad dream once about a coaster. So in my dream we were being forced to ride a literal death machine. I remember the coaster was an inverted B&M ride that was painted blue. Throughout the course, there were all kinds of gauntlets of knives, swords, and other slice/dice machines.


    So my friends and I were held in queue cages, while we watched with horror, what was happening to the riders. One of my friends noticed that some people were freeing the restraints enough to dodge the gauntlets. Once it was our turn, I was able to dodge and make it through the ride, "whew." I don't remember much after that, but I do remember there was lots of running from the "bad guys," once they figured out our escape plan.


    As for a "good" coaster dream, I had a crazy dream that my family and I had gone to Dollywood, except it was not the Dollywood you and I know. One portion of the park was a totally indoor rapids ride, which many people were falling out of the boats. They made you wear life jackets, so you could just float down the rest of the ride without your vessel.


    I remember wanting to go ride Thunderhead, which was in a random dead end section of the park that was REALLY wooded and cloaked in trees along the path. Once you got to the area with the coasters, it was open like a desert canyon, with "crazy style pavement" similar to RCT3 pavement. There was a brand new, white painted, wooden coaster there to ride as well. Of course, I didn't actually get to ride any of the rides as we suddenly had to leave the park for no good reason.

  6. I honestly can't wait to go next year. My sister lives like 15 minutes away from the park! The last time i've been to King's Island was when Diamondback opened. I'm loving the color scheme, and wish more parks would be adventurous with their coaster colors! No mid-course break run is a plus, and the awesome pretzel/batwing element is HUGE. Based on the POV's, it looks like the coaster picks up some speed at the bottom of the two inversions.


    I do think that over time, a few of the BMTR clones have become a bit too "head-bangy" for me. At my home park, SFOG, I can only stand to ride it once or twice. More rides than that and I have a massive headache. These restraints remind me a lot of the Vekoma vest-style restraints they used on Carolina Cobra, which i really prefer over the usual horse-collars (even on a Vekoma)

  7. ^ Two days will be more than enough time to hit everything. With two days I would not worry about it. Whenever I go to a park I start with something and work than my way around the park. I do not get the jumping all around. That is not enjoyable to me.


    Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Good to hear that I can meander through the park without having to rush. I don't like bouncing around much either. It's always fun to experience a new park the way it was meant to, in a complete circle. We'll definitely look into hotels soon, so we won't get stuck without one.

  8. Hello all, I'm very excited to possibly visit Kings Dominion for the first time on Labor Day Weekend. My partner and I were planning on hitting the park for two days on Sunday, and Labor Day. I imagine the crowds will be heavy, so that's why we're thinking two days. I'm not really into fast pass or anything, as my partner often needs planned breaks in between attractions to stave off motion sickness.


    Are there certain areas of the park that you would hit up first at opening? And does the park rope off certain areas until a certain amount of people are in the park? Also, does anyone think they know of a good hotel that's not too pricey, but still a decent sleep, or will hotels be hard to come by this weekend? Thanks everyone!

  9. Oh Gwazi . . . this was my first trip to Busch Gardens ever. I went about three weeks ago. It was the week before Tampa "spring break," so the park was completely dead. I did not wait in one line, except for a 15 minute line for Cheetah Hunt.


    Now back on track, or off track. I had heard about Gwazi's state but I had no idea what to expect. I always hear mixed opinions here, and on other sites. I always give coasters the benefit of the doubt and try to ride with no pre-conceived notions,as far as the experience goes. I mean, before Voyage was re-tracked, everyone complained, but I thought it was awesome.


    However, Gwazi was not such a great experience. Despite the lack of trims, the train shuffled and vibrated so much that it seemed to loose all momentum. The only airtime to be had was in the front. The back was so painful, and lacked airtime except for the first drop. I've never really wanted a ride to end, but my ride in the back of Gwazi was so terrible, I wanted off, & the restraint kept getting TIGHTER & TIGHTER!


    Don't get me wrong I love GCI coasters, especially Thunderhead and Roar West. But, I definitely noticed the Tiger side in dis-repair. The track was rusting, the chain lift was rusted. And, they were using one Tiger, and one Lion train on the Lion side. How can this coaster be a part of such a great line-up? Maybe this is why Busch parks never went with Woodies? I hope something good is in store, and I wonder if this coaster will ever duel again, especially due to the accidents at IOA. Is the "non-dueling" a state-wide thing?

  10. I decided to give Thunder Run some love, despite the fact that SFOG is my home park w/ GA Cyclone. 20 or so years ago I would have definitely picked Georgia Cyclone. It used to be out of control crazy without the two trim breaks, even after the 1st re-profile of the first drop.


    I rode Thunder Run in 2001 and it was my favorite coaster at SFKK. I re-rode that coaster 7 times. It had great air, no trims, no shuffling, and minor roughness. Twisted Twins was closed that day, due to preparations in Halloween theming,

    so I could not directly compare to another woodie in the park.


    A while back I read an article online (sorry no link) that explained that Dinn and Summers success in the 80s and 90s had to do with creating wooden coasters with aggressive layouts, and maneuvers that had not been built previously on wooden coasters. This success also had to do with the low cost of installation as the supporting structures were much "skimpier" than those of John Allen or Intamin woodies. If course these rides fell out of favor quickly as the rides got very rough. I would say the roughness was a combination of PTC trains running on difficult maneuvers, and less supporting structure for greater force load.


    I'm glad that companies like RMC and GCI are giving these rides some much needed love and refurb. I only wish more parks would fork over the capital to do so

  11. Maybe the Skyscreamer will go where the old Batman Stunt show Was before?


    On another note, I was wondering if anyone who went to Deep South Bash got a chance to ask any questions to park reps? I went last year and there was a great Q & A session before the nighttime ERT. I know Rocky Mountain Coasters has said that their planned projects are an iron horse (Rattler) and an original (Outlaw Run), but I wonder if Cyclone might be on the list for next year too. Six flags states they have a budget to work with each year for a particular attraction and hopefully, they'll have the budget to add more topper track to the Cyclone. I really enjoyed the work that they did so far.

  12. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone!


    It's a fair, I don't think they really care. Love that the caption had ANTM in it
    This particular episode that i'm talking about is quite hilarious. Here's a link to some photos of the episode:




    What manufacturer makes the Stinger? It looks awesome. Thanks for sharing!

    Here's a link that describes how and when the Reithoffer Shows unit purchased the stinger. It also describes what the ride does:




    The name of the Manufacturer is Technical Park. Here's a link to the ride's page:



  13. Hello all,


    This is really only my second, true trip report with photos on the forum. My friend and I went to the Georgia National State Fair in Perry, Georgia. This town is outside of Macon, GA and it was a true southern, people-watching crowd. This is one of the biggest fairs I've been to, outside of the Minnesota State Fair when I was a wee lad. It had AWESOME food, spectacular rides, and exhibits and shows that we did not even get to see. The best ride can be seen on the first photo below, on the left-hand side, as well as the first video. The Stinger was really freaky and extremely intense. I don't think it would have been a pleasant experience if the 4-seat chairs had been allowed to rotate at the highest point. I've posted a video of the Stinger, as well as some others, including one of the most insane Super Matterhorns ever!


    Anyway, onto the videos, followed by the photos . . .





    Ahhh . . . the fall . . . and the fair. My favorite time of year.


    Look at the spectacular rides they had to offer . . .


    Including Tango . . .




    Couldn't decide what to ride to catch before we left, and unfortunately I settled on Storm instead of this . . .


    The YO YO! Didn't get on this one either . . . but I've been on it elsewhere.


    The Tidal Wave! AKA suspended Matterhorn! One of four Matterhorn variations at the fair!


    The Fire Ball!!!!


    And the Sky Flyer (AKA the Star Flyer). Yes it was not as tall as others, but in proportion to the rest of the rides and buildings, it remained the tallest structure, and offered an extremely thrilling ride! This was my first Star Flyer!


    Here's a guy with his son (see his legs?) just chillin' . . .


    . . .and here's a couple enveloped in pure glee.


    The Georgia National State fair had some of the best carnival game options I have seen in a LONG while.


    Here's another example . . .


    . . . and this reminded me of an episode of America's Next Top Model.


    Of course the fair was not without its eclectic mix of carnival food.


    I loved the GIANT graphic signs all the stands had at this fair.


    This couple can't decide what to buy . . .


    . . .and understandably so.


    Oops! Missed Full Tilt. This was a superior version (in my opinion) of the regular Huss Rainbow's etc. . . due to the fact that you felt like you were mostly suspended the entire ride! This ride had one of the longest cycles at the fair and just shows how a simple motion, with a little variation can really be a showstopper.


    Oh yeah! Can't forget about . . . . FREAAAAK SHOOOOWS!!!







    People pay money for this?!?! Well . . . . my friend did anyway.


    Seriously though, this one was EXTREMELY annoying. It kept saying the same line over and over again, and we all know its a nutria rat!


    Here's one last look down the midway . . . .


    And here's another, with Flip 'n' Out. Didn't get to ride this one either. They were only seating one row the entire night and the line was INSANE.


    Did we mention there were two credits for me to obtain on this visit?




    SUPER FAST INDY 500!!! My friend and I rode together and really made the toboggan tear through the course. His knees were smashed to bits. And his knees smashed my sides to bits.


    Here's Credit #2


    Fun. Kinda Mild, Wish we had only two people in our car, but they were loading em up. PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT!!!


    Nighttime at the fair. Here is a ride that I wasn't able to photograph in motion, looked painful though.


    Why go on this when you have full tilt???


    Wild Claw. . . . had a very short and terrible ride cycle. My side was stuck on the lower side the entire time.


    Here it is!!! The ultra-uber-super-duper-himalaya. The "fastest ride on the midway" according to the ride-op. Also the shortest ride on the midway according to me. Five bucks for one, maybe two minutes??


    This fair had two haunted mansions with cars. I didn't ride either. I'm partial to the spinning flat rides.


    This was one of the, like, five or six awesome fun houses here!


    Here's another. . .


    . . . do they really have the rights for this????


    This was the most AWESOME looking one in my opinion.


    Fire Ball




    Hope Everyone Enjoyed!



    And finally, here's a Zipper in SUPERB condition.

  14. I personally didn't think Voyage was too rough. I can't compare it to its opening season, but for a wooden coaster of its size I thought it wasn't too bad. It certainly could be smoother though, and I hope they get the timberliners eventually. But in a way I almost liked the roughness. Some seats are better than others, but as long as it doesn't cause me physical pain, I feel it adds character to the ride. I couldn't even keep my hands up on Voyage once we reached the twisted turnaround, it feels so out of control.


    I kinda tend to lean more towards this view as well. Although I managed to keep my hands up the entire time. I mean, why not. They definitely weren't afraid to strap you down on any of their coasters.


    Looks like this will be fantastic addition to the park. It is awesome that they are keeping the height restriction the same as the ride being removed. I wish more parks thought along these lines when replacing/removing/adding attractions.


    Wow, good thing I got Midnight Ride in, although I've been on its brother at Cedar Point. And looking forward to a Star Flyer that is within actual driving distance from my home. (Crossing my fingers that my home park SFOG is looking into some flat rides over the next couple of years.)

  15. I just went this last weekend on the 24th, Saturday I believe. First time to the park, and it was definitely raining a lot. But this kinda made me excited, considering the possibility of short lines, as well as the intensity of the coasters coasters all completely saturated.


    My brother and I, and he's a member of the GP, were both convinced that the coasters were best, right off the bat in the morning, during the brunt of the heavy rain. Raven was running great, and Legend surprised me because i was expecting a terrible ride. It seemed to be tracking well and the front had some good airtime. As the day went on, Legend and Voyage got rougher and resulted in a few headaches for my Brother, with just a few minor disturbances of my own.


    As for The Voyage, this coaster is definitely in my top ten now. I must admit that my coaster count is only in the lower 100s with predominately steel makeup. So this probably explains my lack of similar opinion to everyone before me. The first two rides of the day, in the early morning were the best.


    As the coaster got warmed up, it got much rougher. It's true that it suffers from jack-hammering around lots of the curves, and during the lower portion of the first, second, and third drop. It also seems to have constant vibration through out the remainder of the course after the break-run. There was one really bad "pot hole" traveling up the 2nd hill as well. But the layout is impressive and completely out of control. The terrain and woods makes its course even better. I hope to go back next year, and I am praying for the timberliners to be on track for the 2012 season. A coaster like this should be preserved.

  16. ^^The lap I took on it shortly after park opening was not that slow. The second trim did grab pretty hard, but it still seemed faster than the POV.


    I agree. My ride on The Georgia Cyclone that morning felt pretty brisk. It definitely was tracking better and moving faster around 6:30-ish that afternoon. The airtime is, and has always been crazy ejector on that ride. I'm praying for Fright Fest to have the second set of trims turned off. They weren't really running that much on the first set last Saturday it seems.


    The park had no trims during Spring Break Week and the second half was really moving fast, so there was airtime on every last hill to the end. However, this really makes the shuffling quite worse and more violent around the last two turnarounds. I can see why they keep them on.

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