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  1. So I recently discovered this little tidbit from the Vekoma website concerning their notorious SLC coasters:


    "Vekoma Rides has recently designed new trains with the new modular seat design, with a special integrated vest, replacing the over-the-shoulder restraint, for a secure, comfortable and unrestrained feeling. Independent steering wheel bogies were included to offer a smoother ride and to lessen wear to increase the ride’s durability."


    So I was curious to know if any parks have installed this "improved" version of a ride that's known to beat up its riders?


    Also, I've been on one of these rides during the opening year (Hangman @ Opryland USA, now Kong at SFMW) and it was definitely one of the smoothest experiences. Of course K2 at SFKK was a totally different experience. Do these coasters automatically get rough? Is it a design flaw, or is it a matter of poor maintenance? I've heard that some installments (for some reason or other) manage to stay smooth. Any thoughts?


  2. I just got back from a trip to Carowinds not too long ago, and It was totally empty! I posted a few POV's on www.youtube.com/tuxedomask5432.


    As I had not been to the park since 1994, alot has changed. Somehow they've managed to retain the same flair, with the addition of nickelodeon of course. I wonder if that will stick around now that Cedar Fair owns the park.


    I wished that Thunder Road's renovations had been completed, but alas. The Hurler would have cut it in 1994, but how it is now was just not acceptable. I was not expecting much from Nighthawk either and I didn't get much. It was pretty shaky, especially where I had to sit in the last car on the outside. Runaway Reptar was an ear banger. I don't think I would like that ride if I was 6 or 26.


    On a light note, Afterburn/Top Gun was a blast, and definitely one of the top Inverted coasters i've been on so far. The Carolina Goldrusher and Cyclone were both running great and were just as fun as I remembered, although why did they ditch the tunnel on the Cyclone?


    As for a new ride? Well obviously, Thunder Road is 2008's present along with that extra wave pool for kids to pee in. But the idea of another Hyper Coaster in the southeast would be a welcome addition. And they ALWAYS seem to bring in bigger crowds. Six Flags seems to be more crowded since 2006's addition of Goliath, even though I haven't been this year. As for expansion room, they can find it.

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