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  1. I haven’t seen this yet (obviously) but point 3 is right on. The live action versions are getting out of hand and never as good as the original.


    Perhaps these Remakes are doing exactly what Disney wants them to do. Give the audience a taste of the film they used to enjoy, or expose the younger generation who missed the original, in order to drum up DVD/Digital sales of the original movie.


    With Disney+ on the horizon these films will supposedly be available on that platform as well. So they want to create as much demand as possible. While they have done this already, I’d like to see them remake some classic live action Disney films like “The Apple Dumpling Gang.”

  2. I just saw Disney’s Aladdin remake, and was pleasantly surprised! The dancing, costumes, and sets are really amazing. The computer animated Raja and Abu were excellent. The new original song for Jasmine to sing, called “Speechless” fit in well with the returning songs. It’s by far one of the best Disney remakes I’ve seen so far.

  3. So the last coaster i had the (dis)pleasure of riding was this bad boy, because the Adventuredome was closed for maintenance when I went to Vegas in early December. And (unpopular opinion) I didn't find it to be as terrible as expected! I only paid for one ride, but would have totally gone again.


    Yes the transitions seemed like someone forgot to use the smoothing tool in Planet Coaster, but they were funny and entertaining. Yes the loop felt like it had 3 potholes, but I managed to get some decent floater airtime in many other places on the ride. I sat in the 2nd to the last car, 2nd row and I think I chose correctly. I've had worse cab rides in legit NYC.


    Honestly my head banged more on Mind Eraser at Six Flags America, and the break-run will smush your brain against your skull. The break-run on "Manhattan Express" was tapered, and really cool how it descended into the casino building. I didn't even get a headache! That most recent honor goes to GASM at SFOG and Thunderhead at Dollywood as they have gotten really bumpy. By no means is the Roller Coaster at NY NY Casino my fav, but it's not in my bottom 10 either.


    I guess plan B will have to do for now.

  4. ^ Unusual to hear about the Joker downtime, especially after it was down for most of the season. And then the park teased us with a few weeks of operation towards the beginning of fall. Maybe they thought they fixed the problem, but upon daily operation again found that they were initially wrong????


    I still haven't even ridden this attraction at my own home park yet. I went on one of these Larson loopers at Kemah Boardwalk a few years back so never felt the need. They were fine rides, and certainly feel less confining than the old Fireball loopers that had cages. To me, they still feel more claustrophobic than the former looping starship, or an inverted looper like Aero 360 at Kennywood.


    Next year will not be a Six Flags year for me, so I hope to catch up with this park after our cross-country RV trip in a few years.


    Peach out ATL.

  5. The Mickey Mummy Macaron and the Spok-ey Cone Macaron were some of my favorite treats there, so yummy. I somehow got the Spok-ey Cone Macaron at Flo's V8 Cafe instead of from Cozy Cone, when I tried to order the Candy Corn Pudding Pie. I guess the cast members misunderstood me, but it was a delicious mistake. I wish I had gotten to try the peanut butter & jelly filled mummy cronut (at Schmoozies) but alas, my tummy was so full


    All of the holiday overlays were spectacular and well worth visiting Disneyland during Halloween to experience. Thanks for your report to help with my Disney addiction.

  6. Hey all! Just got back from the Disneyland Resort yesterday. There are LOTS of scrims and construction walls around the resort, even downtown Disney is not immune.


    Of course the Matterhorn is still closed, and yes, they are doing some welding and track work as we noticed flashing lights and noises coming from the tunnels at night. The scrims cover up the queue side of the mountain.


    They also have the left side of the castle completely walled off aside from the poor little donut stand.


    About 1/4th of Adventureland is walled off to refurb the Tiki Room and build the new restaurant.


    There is one building on mainstreet covered with tarps as well.


    At DCA, they now have scrims traveling the entire walkway from Bugs Land entrance near the Pier until Cars Land. People were stopping to take photos near the Stark Industries logos. And the scrims are also near the other entrance to bugs land by Guardians.


    There were additional scrims in Pixar Pier around the carousel and where the new inside out ride will eventually be.


    And the Art of Animation building was also covered in construction tarps.


    I think there are more that I am missing. I will say that my GP boyfriend didn't really notice the scrims as much as me, and he said they didn't detract from the experience. I will say that there is a ton of construction happening there right now, but it's slow season so that's to be expected.

  7. Shout-outs to the guys whom I rode Twisted Cyclone with this AM (6/27/18) in the last car, I'm the guy in the glasses with spiky blond hair & I think I heard you mention Theme Park Review!


    Twisted Cyclone was amazing, this was my 6th time riding it and today I finally got a seat in the first car. I still prefer the back due to the first drop factor, but the front had some amazing ejector air on the wave turn and the turnaround drops which seemed somewhat stronger than the back. I don't think there's a bad seat on this ride.


    As far as the new construction zone near Goliath, I don't have any photos but they were bulldozing & chopping out old infrastructure today, including a ton of old cement & old piping/drainage. My guess/speculation based on the amount of space would be getting a Zamperla Disk-O since that's been a recent thing with Six Flags St. Louis.

  8. I know Dragster had some insane lines in it's opening year, with breakdowns and stuff I remember lines easily being 4 and 5 hours.


    The first time I got a ride on it it was closed all day then reopened maybe 1 to 1.5 hours before park closing was scheduled. People were had been queing all day while it was closed waiting for it to open so the que filled immediately when they opened it. I got off it at like 1 am and there had to be atleast another 1.5-2 hours of people in the que.


    That must have been something . . . . a late night ride on TTD.


    I waited in line 2.5 hours for Maverick, as well as Millennium Force during Maverick's Opening Summer. Pretty Much all of the big name rides were posting 2 - 3 hour waits all day.


    I also got in line for Maverick right as the park was closing, so we were one of the last trains out of the station that night, and probably left the park around 1 AM. Maverick is amazing at night

  9. It's Been a While Folks, and I've been trying to use the 4 meter smoothing technique to produce some smoother & more realistic rides. So let me share with you some of my creations that I've been working on lately:


    Nitro Racer - A super smooth B&M Floorless Coaster with realistic G's and a Punch.





    Furious Flight - another super smooth B&M creation, this time a launched wing ride. Top speed of 111 mph and over 15,000 ft of track.





    Snow X Ice - a Mauer Skyloop coaster, featuring a 300 ft high skyloop, and numerous inversions. Also super smooth.





    Totally Radical - A Vekoma Multi-Looper featuring 4 inversions, a top speed of 57 mph, and authentic layout, and yes it's also super smooth





    Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

  10. So the renderings show that the installations of this ride will be using tubular members instead of square ones. What do you guys think? Has ABC rides decided to change their design slightly for permanent installations? Or is this a copycat of ABC rides from an unnamed manufacturer? I personally prefer the square frame to the tubular one, as it seems to look more coherent overall (square ride, square frame, square parts).

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