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  1. Hello All,


    If I get to verbose please bare with me. I don't have any pictures, and I had a VERY interesting experience in a VERY short amount of time at Carowinds, the evening of the 6th. If you insist, you can skip down to the bottom where i speculate about the track site.


    I've hit up the twilight pass at Cedar Point when I visited there, some of my co-workers at a restaurant/bar I work at were going to Carowinds twilight deal. Fortunately, I just happened to be there when they were talking about it. Of course, I couldn't turn down their offer, and it was only 26 dollars! So we were through the gate by 4:30 and the park closed at 8 o'clock.


    Unbelievably, one of the female coworkers (there were 2 guys and 2 girls all together) had a bout with nostalgia and wanted to ride the Kaleidoscope (scrambler). I like those rides so, I had no qualms about doing so. Then we skipped Vortex and traveled to the Carolina Cyclone to get things warmed up, especially since the ladies did not want to ride the hurler.


    Upon arriving to the station I was filled with dismay. The station platform was totally full, and the rest of the rides seemed to have walk on lines at first glance. Our party came to find out they were only running one train, which was terribly unusual as ALL of the other coasters were running two trains, even Thunder Road on BOTH sides.


    In the station, we had planned on sitting in the last seat to get that nice pop of air on the first drop. Unfortunately, there were very rude teenage patrons who had no concern for those around them and added three people in front of us, in line. They were also cursing, and using the open restrains as hand holds pushing them down in front of other boarding patrons. The ride was fun, and a nice warm up. And luckily we were rid of the rude teenagers.


    Next, we walked over to the Carolina Cobra, and I was very excited as I've never been on a traditional Boomerang (I know, I know). I've been on Deja Vu at SFMM and SFOG and thought they were both superior and shocking rides. Of course, while standing in line this ride seemed VERY shocking too as it climbed up the 2nd spike. The ride's fallback lever made its usual clacking sound, but then the train suddenly LURCHED to a complete stop with 2 very loud sounds. I assume these sounds are some kind of brakes to keep the ride from rolling back and stalling in the cobra roll. But the violent motion in which the whole train shook and the coaster as well, was slightly unsettling.


    So since we were on a time constraint, we quickly abandoned the line in hopes of coming back later. We continued to TOP GU . . . er After Burn (which is what I had after dinner this evening) and had a one train wait to board the 7th row. The ride was phenomenal and takes my number one spot for an Invert. Batman clones have extreme forces much like this ride, and much more than TDDragons or Raptor. The Layout of After Burn is what makes this coaster, the steep terrain, the ravines and tunnels you plunge through (even though the mist was off).


    After jumping off that ride, we continued to Thunder Road, where one sat out and three of us sat in three different seats on the 3rd car. I picked the middle cause I was seeing if the theory that applied on The Great American Scream Machine at SFOG (sitting in the middle seat on a car) worked with thunder road. It CERTAINLY did for me, and I enjoyed a rather smooth ride, especially after they rebuilt most of the ride. The transitions from new to old were noticeable. My friends who sat on wheel seats, had a very rough and terrible experience. And it gave the lady a stomach ache.


    We did spot the track thats been placed in the staging area and it appears to be only a low grade incline to a brake-run so far. But, we continued on to Nighthawk (UGH). This had the longest line in the park (even more than cobras) due to the extremely long loading times. Of course, even if they had dual stations, they would never hire 6 people instead of 3, just like SFOG! The RIDE, very forceless and shaky, would not have been missed by me, since I endured it for the first time last summer. But so many people can't get over the novelty of riding on your back and flipping over on your stomach.


    Next was Cobra, since we were right around the corner, via the pathway that used to be the circular lake surrounding former Smurf Island. We got on this time (the very back) and we didn't get stuck! One more credit for me. The ride was fun, but not as exciting as the SUPER INVERTED boomerang. Not too terribly shaky at all, except for one side of the cobra roll.


    To speed things up, we were getting through the park quickly as we only had 40 minutes left. We hit up Carolina Goldrusher (FUN), Vortex (full of vibration and a minor ear banger), and the other gentleman that was with us rode the Hurler with me. He had never been to the park so i tried to take him on as many coasters as possible. I must say that the Hurler was running way faster than the video on my http://www.youtube.com/user/tuxedomask5432

    page. But it felt like the train was tearing through the track and some transitions were rather violent.


    AS for the construction site. I'm not sure if my depth of field is off but I don't see the parameters traveling all the way to the south entrance. And it dosen't seem like they're pouring any more footers further down the parking lot in that direction. Perhaps I'm wrong, and they will expand further south later. Now, the area seems to be an hourglass shape area in which to build the coaster, with two bulbous endings and a narrow neck. I HOPE we get a B&M Twister hyper, like Raging Bull sans trim breaks, at least for the first 5 years.


    Well thanks for bearing with me all who have read. Hope you have a pleasant day.

  2. I rode GASM on the May 30th, and I sat in the 3rd car, middle row. I thought it was excellent. I've ridden that coaster thirties of times, forwards and backwards. This time definitely ranked in the top 5 experiences I've had on that coaster. It was peppier on the turns and didn't seem to shuffle too bad; perhaps that's the wheel seats.


    Onto the staff. This line was moving somewhat slowly, and dispatch times were probably 1.5-2.5 minutes, not terrible, not great. At the beginning of the line, some young lady was passing out tickets. This was something new, and she was not exactly explaining what they were for. Everyone in line was asking what the stubs were for.


    Finally someone said you had to have them to get on the ride. I thought mine was lost, but I found it. My friend however, had to ask her for a new one because he lost it. We asked the young lady what they were for and she finally said, that people complained of excessive line cutting during spring break week. But just on this ride???


    The operator, was very disinterested in her job and was singing pop songs into the microphone. While the ops were checking and fixing people's restraints, instead of pressing the button once and holding it so they could resolve the problem . . . she pressed the button over and over. The fast pass line was long, and as it's in an inconvenient location . . . created a traffic nightmare in the station.


    Great ride though. Much smoother than the Dinn bundle of sticks up front.

  3. Hi all,


    Just went this past weekend on Saturday, the 30th. It was pretty packed. The Scream Machine was running AWESOME, as well as the Mindbender. I posted a video on another site:



    will probably try to get it up on coaster tube soon. AS for the staff, I was generally pleased throughout the day. There were constantly people sweeping, tons of park "managers" and higher personnel walking around the park, and plenty of friendly encounters with food staff.


    The rides? Mind Bender, Cyclone, and GASM had NO stacking, and the staff seemed energetic enough. The ride op on the Cyclone was so funny, like some mean 3rd grade teacher: "Push down, and pull up on your lap bars, you have 3 seconds!!!"


    Batman, Dahlonega Mine Train, and Ninja had light stacking. Goliath, Georgia Scorcher, and Superman had long delays between dispatching. This may have to do with the NEW stupid rule they have concerning "refillable souvenir cups" which must now be stored in lockers, FOR 1$. What a rip-off.


    And of course everyone else thought so too, so the ride ops were stopping the line and making people get rid of their cups, or people had to find some stranger to hold their cup while they rode, or they took the cups on the ride with them!!!! This definitely contributed to the long loading times for these rides, because the staff had to enforce rules that did not make much sense. And not every roller coaster had this rule. Why should the Georgia Cyclone require lockers, and Batman the ride should not???


    Well i'm off my soap box now. It was a really pleasant experience for me except for this ONE problem. I liked the staff for the most part this time.

  4. Cool trip report guys, I just went to SFOG last weekend. Was a really nice experience, probably the best since I've been to that park. I sure miss Dollywood though.


    OH yea:


    I guess I can mention that I have decided to hit up CP on my Ohio trip. Oh and I leave a week from tomorrow! :0)


    Also hitting these two parks this summer. My sis has digs 10 min from Kings Island!!! Probably gonna get a "deluxe season pass" for Carowinds so I can go to the other parks for free! I'm so excited! Hope u are too

  5. I have been on this coaster when it was still known as the Red Devil Roller Coaster. When I was at Ghost Town, it was raining the whole day. At one point I was the only one on the coaster, and was able to ride it 3 times in a row without stopping!


    I thought the first drop immediately out of the station and the loop were definitely the best elements. The rest of the ride, swooping turns, were kind of just throwaways. Then, the lift hill is at the end of the ride, making for a slow return to the station.


    Perhaps with the new cars, without sides, will make the ride more exciting. The ride is perched on the side of a mountain after all.

  6. Another woodie in need of work is Georgia Cyclone. All of the track just needs to be smoothed out.


    I definitely agree with this pick. I definitely miss the days of the old Georgia Cyclone, no trims, airtime insanity. I rode it at night after a full day of operation in 1993, it was spectacular. Wish they could bring it back to how it was.


    Any of the Hurler coasters should be fixed, or torn down. Mean Streak is also one I've been on that needs help, but due to its massive size, a project like that would cost a fortune. It seems that all the Dinn & Summers coasters from the 80s and 90s really did not age that well. I'm sure there's a thread somewhere on here where someone talks about the physics behind the phenomenon known as the "Dinn shuffle" but I would rather not look right now

  7. I haven't yet had the opportunity to actually ride Thunder Road at Carowinds since they've renovated the ride. In fact, they're still performing more work as I write this! I did see a video on You Tube that comparatively looked MUCH smoother than older videos. Here's a list of all the rides GCI has renovated:


    Great Coasters' Renovation Work

    Dragon Coaster 2009

    Boulder Dash 2008

    Cheetah 2008

    Falken 2008

    Sky Princess 2008

    Thunder Road 2008

    Thundercoaster 2008

    Cornball Express 2007

    Hoosier Hurricane 2007

    Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain 2007

    Tsunami 2005

    GhostRider 2004

    Arkansas Twister 2003

    Big Bad John 2002

    Magnus Colossus 2002

    Stampida 2002

    Dania Beach Hurricane 2001

    Roller Coaster 1997


    My questions are, has anyone ridden these coasters since they've been renovated, and what coasters do you wish that GCI would work on?

  8. Wow, hard to believe that I actually got to visit a now defunct park. When I went to Opryland, I believe I was in 7th grade. The Hangman was brand spankin' new. In fact, that video posted in this thread that talked about The Hangman, came on the night before we went to the park.


    It was a great day there. We got to ride ALL of the rides, many of them multiple times including: Chaos, Wabash Cannonball, Rock n' Roller Coaster, among others. My sister and I rode The Hangman in the front row, it was weird because the ride was so smooth, and so awesome. How quickly vekoma coasters loose their newness


    Later that evening we stood in line AGAIN for The Hangman and the ride had a safety cut-out. I remember hearing the ride ops saying something about the ride traveling faster than it was supposed to on the circuit, resulting in the safety to stop the train at a break-run or on the lift hill. We were literally the next people in line as this happened. Bummer


    Well, I do remember the park was beautifully landscaped, the food was delicious, and the staff was excellent. Such a shame its gone . America could use more theme parks like this one.

  9. So I know that this is all pure speculation at this point, but I had a random thought before I was going to bed. Someone mentioned the possibility of a B&M sitdown coaster, someone also mentioned the re-use of the name "White Lightning."


    What if Cedar Fair bought the Led Zeppelin coaster from Hard Rock Park. It doesn't seem too far fetched, as the Coaster a very short distance away and all of the park's rides had to be liquidated. Also, they would not even have to paint the ride if they were calling it "White Lightning."


    Just silly speculation, I know. But maybe someone can shed more light on the progress Hard Rock Park has made on liquidating their rides.

  10. Wow. A moment of silence please. This is one of the rides from my childhood. At least I got to ride it last season.


    Oh yea, in addition to this news: I just drove past Carowinds today and they have totally removed hills from the turnarounds on Thunder Road. Apparently, the refurbishing is still not done. Nice to see some movement in this park though. It seems to have been a very long time since anything has happened.


    HYPER IN 2010 PLEASE! Our collective energies will create one, just like it did in '06 at SFOG!

  11. I was confused as to why the Georgia Cyclone was rated higher (86), than the Great American Scream Machine (93). Is it true that this coaster was "re-tracked" last year? I remember this coaster a couple of years after it first opened, and it was wild and out of control. No trim breaks. I hope that the new CEO allows the parks to spend more money on taking care of their rides.


    At any rate, the GASM is a far superior John Allen in my opinion (at least I voted that way). Dinn and Summers have too many shuffling issues.

  12. I totally need to add my youtube page to my signature, but I'm tired and lazy right now. I just posed a POV of Thunderhead that turned out great.


    Dollywood was everything I hoped for and more. We went for 1.5 days with their special come after three get in for 3 deal, good thing we did too cause we got rained out late afternoon At least I got all my credits though.


    I'll be posting a Dollywood video montage sometime in the future, probably after my sister's wedding and Hard Rock Park!

  13. Cool deal, It would be awesome to go to Six Flags sometimes with you two. I went last year and the year before for Goliath. I used to be a season pass holder in 2001, 2002, and 2003. Now i just go if I don't have anything to do around Atlanta.


    I grew up with that park and rode the Cyclone and the Ninja in their glory days. Give me a shout out when you two are interested in going.



  14. I have the possibility to go to Dollywood next monday the 21st of July!! I've been nerdin' it up, looking at pics and videos. I really liked your trip report alot.


    I'm very excited about riding the coasters at this park, especially as I haven't ridden a decent wooden coaster since the Giant Dipper at Belmont Park in San Diego. I also love Arrow loopers and the Tennessee Tornado looks like an awesome one!


    In addition to the coasters, the water rides look awesome too . . . I can't wait! And then its onto Hard Rock Park the following Sunday!!!

  15. By no means is this funny at all, but my brother works at Carowinds across from the "Rocket Power - Air Time" ride which is a similar set-up to the Rainbow, but with two arms instead of one.


    Anyway, he was wondering how the platform stays parallel to the ground and laughed about what would happen if the platform suddenly tipped over to one side.


    Well, i'm gonna send him a link to this page. That's crazy that something like that happened. I hope the riders make a speedy recovery.

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