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  1. That's a classic! As is -> "Once we got stuck on Oblivion on the drop, and we were there for 3 hours!" "I heard someone fell out of Oblivion, they were ok though, the Shuttle caught them at the bottom" "Air was supposed to have no track, but they ran out of budget" *At the entrance to Nemesis, underneath a very obvious inversion* "Does this go upside down?" "Griffon/Sheikra is twice as high as Oblivion!" The GP, don't you just love 'em hehe
  2. Only on an off day Do you ever wonder how they put the bubbles in Aero?
  3. Warm, sunny, clear, with a tinge of sarcasm on the breeze
  4. Alton Towers is my home park and favourite, but I think it's my favourite because it's my home park!
  5. I quite like the AT one, lovely to hear 'in the hall of the mountain king' back. I think it's nice to see an advert that is screaming "WE ARE A THEME PARK AND HAVE LOTS OF FAST AND HIGH ROLLERCOASTERS" (*cough* TP *cough*). The AT ad is more about escaping to the resort as a family, and I personally think it's quite cute. Not a scratch on old AT ads however...boo! (ps first proper post, woo!)
  6. Hey everyone! My name's Ryan, I'm 19, and I live in the glorious city of Stoke-On-Trent! I worked at Alton Towers on Nemesis in 2006, which is where I found out about you guys, thought you were hilarious, so here I am! Would love to come on a meet with you guys sometime in the future, maybe when I'm a bit more established on the forums. I'm an established member of Towers Times Forums (TTF) if any of you guys know them, and hope to be one here too! So, for now, in the style of a true Stokie - "Ta duck, tata for now!" Ryan
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