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  1. What a dangerous thread to click on first thing in the morning! The food looks pretty good, especially the doughnuts! Man, so hungry! Great photos! The power plant explosion is a nice touch, area looks great at night.
  2. Love the video and report! It looks like a great addition. Like the effort put into the theme of the ride as well. Nice to see those extra touches.
  3. That is pretty unusual. I think this could work really well during Halloween as a special event.
  4. Thanks for.the video! Turnd out well, nice to see it finally. Imagine we will see the tech in many spots across the resorts.
  5. Very true. Toon Lagoon is the one land built on some pretty dated material. That would be the best place to put a Nintendo world make over. Attractio wise, the basing a Nintendo world dark ride off the tech behind Spider-man, either HP ride, would be great to see. Don't know if Orlando has the room, but what if they could actually do a trackless racing attraction for Mario Kart? Be fascinating to see what they develop.
  6. If the 2nd Universal park in Japan is Nintendo themed, that would be simply amazing! There is so much diversity of themes within the Nintendo properties the possibilities are endless for attraction adaptations.
  7. I could see them doing a light remodel on the Carousel in the near future to make it more tied into the Disney brand, but I don't expect anything massive being built on the spot. The hotel does offer some nice views of both parks. Speaking of parking expansion, there is available space by Mickey & Friends on 2 sides for additional garages. Are those locations earmarked for some other development?
  8. I enjoyed Perilous Plunge several times. However, I thought it would have been more appropriate over in Soak City. Very low capacity and could soak a guest to the point of misery. Really wasn't the type of ride you could enjoy year round. Then after the accident, the restraint system they installed was insane. I was hoping when they decided to re-work the boardwalk area after the removal, they would deliver something special to the area. While I can appreciate the need for attractions that can appeal to a large cross section of guests, I am not of fan of the selections they made. On a positive note, some of the landscape and lighting design turned out well.
  9. Love the hat! That is a really fun design, can see that one flying off the shelves. The rear view mirrors are brilliant.
  10. Ah very true. I would find it fascinating to see a water dummy go through the course of Matterhorn and see the end results. It is a bit on the rough side just normally. Oddly enough, didn't see the SOC upgrade announcement in the blog post. Maybe they are saving any kind of attraction upgrade announcement to if/when the film changes to soaring over the world. I am looking forward to seeing the CA version in higher resolution in the meantime.
  11. The prizes are pretty great looking! However, with the Matterhorn, the only magic I was really hoping for was more comfortable seats. Also, it is a missed opportunity I think during these long refurbs, to not look at having one side go backwards. Imo, that would deliver a fresher ride experience than say a projection mapped effect. Navigating the crowds between the night events will be quite interesting.
  12. I like the look of the tower, except for the peculiar choice of keeping some of the supports white. It seems like an odd design choice that makes a slightly negative impact of the great tower they created. Overall, good choice for the park.
  13. Nice photos! Looks like it will be the best addition to the park in quite some time. in the past surveys, they mentioned the screampunk district before, asking about it's design. My primary complaint about the design is the height. It is as if Six Flags is planning for vertically challenged guests to be the primary demo. If every building was a minimum of two stories, and some upwards of three, it would give the Screampunk district the visual impact they are seeking. I wouldn't mind the zero ground treatments of TC and Scream, if everything else leading up to the coaster is decent, unlike say, the barely there effort of Full Throttle. I know RMC will deliver on the ride, but have lesser expectations of the Screampunk area being amazing. Hope I am wrong.
  14. Great photos! The area did turn out quite nice, and a massive improvement over what was there before. Love the now unified theme of the area, pretty much a mish mash before.
  15. Now that is one awesome tram tunnel attraction! Thanks for the video.
  16. That name is great! Interesting that they are going with a re-brand of the park. Never thought the name was an issue of the park.
  17. That does sound good! I will have to try that the next time I visit the park later this month. Thanks for the tip! Haven't been to the Haus place in quite sometime.
  18. I will have to recommend that, my friend also got did not like the burger at the Terrace as well. Usually, if we are looking for lunch in the area, we hop on monorail and go to Rainforest or Earl in Downtown Disney, very convenient on less crowded days.
  19. I just hope the hamburger are actually good. Outside of Carthay, have yet to have a good hamburger at DL/DCA. I had the salad at Boardwalk, the Italian, which is great. My friend got the "angus" cheeseburger. Cheese not melted, and so well done, he complained it had a terrible texture. I think the quick service dining at the park could use an overhaul. Hope the Hungry Bear is getting a quality overhaul at the same time. Like the new look of the airfield. Huge improvement visually.
  20. With the volume of closures at the Disney resort, the remaining attractions get crazy busy. I was there on March 31 a few years back, could not believe how crowded it was mid-week. With the single rider option and use of the FP, I think however it might be ok even during spring break. If you are doing 3 days, it will give you more than enough time for a pretty complete experience. Hotel within walking distance of the park is the only way to avoid the parking fees, so look for hotel with parking included. I am hoping that they do something grand with the Innoventions building, even a clone of the Iron Man attraction from HK would be something. Interesting that they do not give a re-opening date of the building.
  21. I would agree. Looks like I am going to skip this one. Quite a lack of texture detail, and I don't get a feeling that you can create a theme park , more like something like Thrillville. Honestly I would rather have the highly detailed, non-3D of Tycoon 2 than deal with this graphic downgrade. Still have Tycoon 3 somewhere, might just go back to that if I need to revisit the game. Pretty interesting use of SFMM's Goliath in the ad.
  22. The concept art is indeed fantastic. I am very curious to see the execution of the floating mountains. Will it be like Carsland, where the mountain are backdrop for the simulator? Will Pandora be more than just one attraction in the final build? How do they plan on creating the world of Pandora with the retail and food ops? I think that is massively challenging, to adapt the theme of Avatar into food services. It certainly does lend itself to easy adaptation like Harry Potter, Cars, Simpsons, etc. And it is not like Avatar merchandise is still a hot commodity. I am fascinated to see how this expansion will all come together. At least they don't have to worry about the sequels being out before the new land is done.
  23. The 50th celebration isn't too far away. A 6 year timetable would give them enough time to take on an ambitious revamp of the Hollywood Studios. Would very much like to see them do a little world building similar to the Harry Potter themed environments set in the Star War theme and an improved Carsland. I don't think 5th gate will happen either for the same reasons. There is little reason to take on a 5th park unless it can offer something radically different than what can be achieved in the existing parks. Hollywood Studios alone might be almost a new park if the various rumors turn out to be true. That being said, would be amazing to see their take on a coaster centered park, like a Cedar Fair / SF park (out of the sightlines of the existing parks).
  24. Nice link to the google map. Love it. I could see the fans being used in some fashion for the new ride, if anything, just for environmental effects. Re: the map on google. That parking lot behind Carsland is the rumored expansion area for a Marvel attraction is it not? With so much Marvel movies news recently, if they could manage to build a Marvel land by the time Spider-Man joins the MCU, that would be great timing. Hope D23 this year goes into a bit of detail about park expansion plans. Also, It is true that the Flying Tires was a $100 million attraction? That seems incredibly high.
  25. Thanks for the info! At least now we know that it reopens in 2016, not this year. The concept art for the ride vehicles is cute, with the little faces and what not.
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