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  1. Behemoth looks like a fantastic coaster.. hope one day I can ride it! Haha, about the plastic bags - come to where I live (South Australia) and you get a $315 on the spot fine for selling plastic bags. They're banned here, some people can get up to $5000 fines! It's insane really, and everyone still asks for plastic bags to carry their shopping in.
  2. Wait, whos making this? When you look on rcdb.com, all Intamin pre-fab woodies have Ingenieur-Holzbau Cordes listed as the Builder for it, so does Intamin have anything to do with this coaster, or not? Also, if Ingenieur-Holzbau Cordes built all the other ones, what did Intamin do?
  3. I guess any drop tower, but I love Giant Drop at Dreamworld. I felt REALLY unsafe and frightened at the top, and it felt like the tower was just going to fall over, and then you just drop. It takes a few moments to realise you have dropped, but then the freefalling feeling kicks in and its great! Also, I know this sounds weird but when I went on Lethal Weapon (SLC), it was my first coaster in years, and I wasn't expecting the drop to feel like that, very forceful.
  4. Looks fun, but they should take out the last 2 cars with the sidecars on them, this would reduce the weight of the train and greatly improve speed around the ride. Or to still let kids on, take out 2 lots of motorbike cars.
  5. Great TR! Well, only for the photos... I have never heard so much negativity about Maverick in a thread before, oh well I can't say much i've never been on it (let alone to Cedar Point). It looks like a great ride to me, and sorry that you had a disappointing time .
  6. I am positive its a slow test launch. After watching videos of Booster Bike, which is around the same speed, it is double the height of this and flies through its elements! I am expecting a much faster circuit of the coaster, and look foward to riding it in january!
  7. The top left one looks like the first tower of the ride. Vertical lift on right side and drop on the left. The bottom left looks like a close up of the drop, and it looks a lot more than 90*. The two pictures on the right look to be going through elements. The top right upside down, and very twisted layout in background. The bottom right possibly an overbank or turn. Sorry, I have been following this closely now, and I think its my first post in this thread - just my thoughts in my head now!
  8. ^^^ By the 2nd to last pic - it's a Maverick clone!!! Looks like one of the horseshoe rolls! Seriously though, it's Intamin so it has to be good, and I can't wait for the barrage of posts when they release the info on the ride! Awesome so far.
  9. Looks fun to ride, especially that first drop, but what a boring layout! It's basically just hills and a helix in a straight line. The trains look odd, but the side seats would be really fun to ride in.
  10. ^ That's more of a Six Flags thing. When Cedar Point built Millennium Force, they beat the record by about 50 feet. Then when they built Top Thrill Dragster, they beat the record by about 100 feet, then theres all the other records that they have beaten by miles but i'm not going to list them all. Cedar Point doesn't add one more foot and one more mph, they blow the record away, then are beaten stupidly by Six Flags or other parks that add a few feet to their coasters. I don't think this thread is pointless, it keeps people happy about what Cedar Point is doing next, and is exciting to gu
  11. ^ I don't think they would try to beat Maverick now, its only been running for what, 3-4 months? I think it's their next flat ride like maXair or something, but that's just another wild guess.
  12. I'm sorry if this has been said, but for your Storm Runner recreation (if you have Soaked!), use the Stormrunner coaster type, it will make the great recreation a lot better and a bit more detailed. The coaster you've got there now is great though, it's just a suggestion.
  13. I use 3DS Max 7.0, and export the 3DS models into a folder, then import them into the game. You can download a free 30 day trial off of their website, and I recommend this program, as I find it the most easiest to use. You can use any 3D Modelling program as long as it has the ability to export the objects you've made to a 3DS file, then in NoLimits you just click Scenery > Choose Scene Object... and choose the 3DS item you've created.
  14. Looks like any other B&M to me... still would be fun though!
  15. ^ Read the question above the poll... I liked it better before, great vertical twist.
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