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  1. "I'll find him for three, but I'll catch him and kill him for ten" Wow, this truly is sad news. Cheesy, yes...but I'm really going to miss that ride!! Twister is 10 times cheesier! This will definitely change HHN next year. Reality is, I was sad when King Kong went,and I stilll miss it, but I do love Mummy. I'm not big on Transformers and IOA already has Hairry Plopper. I think another HP attraction would be overkill. Hoping for an all new concept. I'll miss the fish and I won't get to ride it again. Farewell old friend.
  2. I never knew you could sqeeze so much TR out of a mini golf excursion! Awesome job guys. Love the projectile water vomit too!
  3. My wife and I got to ride the BD that night and waited around 30 minutes. Not bad. We both loved it!!! The theming and props were great and I agree, the timing needs to be refined a little. I thought the ride was a perfect nod to the Golden Nugget and the type of ride that it used to be. Some folks I talked to didn't seem to "get" it. They were expecting an indoor thrill coaster along the lines of The Mummy at Universal Orlando. Not so. If you like the Haunted House at Knoebels, or liked the ol' Golden Nugget in Wildwood, then you will "get" and like the Black Diamond. About Phunfest...first, I'm amazed that Knoebels was even able to get this event together given the amount of cleanup and repair they had to do ffrom the storms. Phunfest attractions keep getting better every year. The amount of props they add to each attraction, like the Antique Cars and Pioneer Train Ride is incredible. There is so much to see and take in. The quality and complexity of the stunts and props is getting more elaborate as well. My daughter and her husband actually planned their honeymoon to camp out at Phunfest! They spent a few days in Florida, but had to be back by the weekend for Phunfest. As Robb said, there used to be a whole lot more dressing up. I believe the parade had over 100 entries but in the past even those who weren't entering in the parade would walk around in costumes. My daughter and her husband were the Joker and Harlequin. I remember seeing the "Minifigs" too....great costume!! All in all, perfect weather, great day, can't wait til next year!
  4. Boo!!! I couldn't get in either. Just get the ad for free coffee tomorrow, which ain't so bad. Have fun those in line!!
  5. Really enjoy your reports Adam! My wife and I went to DC last summer. Man, what a beautiful park! I can't wait to go back and check out the Grand Reef. I would say the hilight for me was feeding the stingrays. I'll have to try one of those lemon slushies when I return. I thought the food was very good as well. The beer being included with the admission is nice too!
  6. My wife and I have a Shar-Pei and a Boston Terrier. Each year, the dogs ride on the Pioneer Train, the Motor Boats, the Antique Cars and one time, even the Haunted Mansion...although they weren't too thrilled with that!!! They like the train but not the tunnel (everyone screaming through it). And no, they don't charge tickets either. It's the only park I know of where pets can go on rides!!! What an awesome place!! We were there this opening weekend, but we left the dogs up at the camper while we went to the park. It was a little too hot for them.
  7. If you've ever noticed, the supports for the track actually "walk" when the coater hits that point in the track. Stand over by the whip and watch the feet on each support. It moves a good 4 to 5 inches, maybe more. Of course if it's being decommisioned, you won't have that opportuity anymore. Still it was a great kiddy coaster...lot's o' fun. Can't beat hearing that engine rev when the coaster cars were approaching the lift!!
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