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  1. Wow Griffon wants to make me get up and go!!!! I rode Volcano for the first time on thursday, it was awesome!! I was yelling and cussing through the whole ride!!
  2. In this situation I sometimes politely ask if I can have a specific row. The ops usually go for it in my experience. Yes, probally if you ask, they might let you... BGE has a very good lineup of friendly staff. At universal my cousin and I asked the ride attendent if we could get front row of revenge of the mummy, they said yes wait for the next train; same thing with ET
  3. hey at least its still the tallest dive coaster! by 5 feet, griffon is still going to kick ass
  4. Hi,my name's jacob i live in nokesville va,i come to this site frequently, so i decided to join after like 3 months, i do love theme parks as much as much as you all do. Heres my myspace, if you all have one i dont really care if you add me. http://www.myspace.com/urjustalil13itch. merry christmas everyone, or happy holidays if you celebrate something different....
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