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  1. After spending yesterday in the park, playing the game of "Where's Big Mike", I can't complain about Sky Rush. The ride was exactly as expected. Intense changes of direction and good (an unexpected on your first ride) airtime. I was on the outside left on every ride, and the ride seemed to get better with each run. Park operations seems to be smooth, with speedy dispatches except for special circumstances. I was especially thankful that the water park was open yesterday, so much of the crowd spend the mid-day there and left the park for the rest of us. Walk on to everything except in Comet Hollow, and by the mid afternoon / early evening, even those rides were manageable. Hot Hot Hot was the word for the day, and dehydration was rampant. Drink lots of water, and never turn down an opportunity to drink some more! I failed at the "Where's Big Mike" game... Not for a lack of trying... I didn't realize that ACE had an event going on yesterday... I could find him in the crown of ACE'ers... I don't know if it was their size... their age... or their general slowness (could be due to size, age or heat)... but I just couldn't find the big guy anywhere in the park.
  2. Awesome reports Laura!!!! but now we still have to fine the Big Mike cards!!!!
  3. A. She just had a Big Mike delight under the boardwalk! and may as well lock me in for 9 duckies.... Great update!!!!!!
  4. I got my email!!! Check is in the mail... So looking forward to this weekend!!! Thanks for pulling this together R & E !!!
  5. Order completed!!! Check in the mail this week!!!! That weekend will be awesome!!!!!
  6. I'll take the one time guess change and go with 9 duckies! Thanks Big Mike!!!!
  7. I love the set up... and just talked with a friend from that town that was there at the same time as you... Looks like a good time!!!! Lock me in for 4 duckies!
  8. Both players could just try a little dance... two steps forward, one step back, repeat until touching, then back up and continue until time runs out!
  9. Packages start at just $400.00...... but it still sounds like a deal, and a good time!
  10. They are back in Maintenance mode.... clearing fluids..... Of course.... because I'm 2nd in line!
  11. I got into the battle arena, and as soon as I touched a control, it dropped my connection... Now I can't reset my connection! Guess I gotta try again later!
  12. I just got booted from the site, and now it is reporting that the bots are not cooperating.... bummer of a launch!
  13. I was getting the tab 7 videos, and for about 2 minutes something on tab 8..... now nothing on tab 8!!!!
  14. I was getting some random videos on the live stream, but now I think we are waiting for the real fights to start.
  15. More fun than an oil barrel of monkeys flinging poo..... well, maybe not!
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