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  1. I dont think that had anything to do with the rollercoasters. It had more to do with poor space planning and location of houses.
  2. ^Sorry but I have to disagree. When HHN was at Islands the Hulk and Dragons were running.
  3. Ce Jeu (Tepr Remix) by Yelle Very addicting song.
  4. Pathetic. I have never liked this attraction. It just seemed cheesy. They should just redo this whole ride and make it more like Journey to Atlantis. There is so much potential there.
  5. I was also there and can say the concert was very good. I still prefer her last concert. More intimate venue and like her previous album more than the latest. Fav. part was Isla Bonita.
  6. I was at the last night of Mannequins this Saturday and have to say it was amazing!!! I cant believe Disney has decided to close down all these clubs. We need new management at Disney!!!!
  7. Does Palin ever make sense? I heard a speech she gave recently and honest to God I could not follow the woman one bit. If McCain dies would Palin be able to run this country???? Wake up AMERICA!!!
  8. Interesting. Maybe you need some color on your walls. Relaxing color like light green and not so "insane asylum white." I have a mini fountain in my room and that helps to knock me to sleep. Hopefully you are able to get some sleep tonight. If none of that helps just start counting rafts on your favorite rapids ride.
  9. I have had King Cake and they are so good. I love me some sugar Never did get the baby though.... I think the dingo ate it.
  10. ^I am dying to see Journey but refuse until Perry decides to join the line up again. Journey is not Journey without Perry. I love Heart. Magic Man is one of the best songs ever!
  11. Great TR! The picture of you and "The Penguin" is classic! Thanks for the laugh.
  12. The pic of Lou on Robin Hood... BEST PIC EVER! Thanks for sharing your pics.
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