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  1. I went last night for a couple of hours around 10pm and was really happy I did. Not only was it warm (but windy) but the crowds were low because of the rain all day. I walked right on Outer Limits and Mystic Timbers had a 15 minute wait. It was night and day crowd wise from Friday and Sunday where I walked in saw the line for Timbers and left.
  2. 2017 is also the rides 30th anniversary. Maybe they are celebrating it somehow?
  3. I have to agree with everyone about Boulder Dash being almost unbearable. I was there July 31st and was so incredibly disappointed...the majority of the ride was probably really fast, fun and furious but the triple up was so incredibly painful it is the only thing I took away from ride. It was so bad I waited alongside the ride on the path to the rapids ride out in the rain to video a train hitting the massive pothole. You can hear the rapid SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK as the train traverses upward. My spine has sense memory whenever I watch hahaha IMG_1424.MOV Boulder Dash Roughness
  4. Was at the park today. Not too busy due to rain but I noticed along with Thunder Canyon being closed...which we knew would happen...the entire area in front of The Beast was roped off with a big "Area Closed" sign. Does anyone know if the Beast closure was just today for mechanical or is it also down for Mystic Timbers construction for the rest of the season?
  5. Park is absolutely packed today but saw this as I was exiting tram tour. I see you Mr. Hippogriff...taken just now.
  6. Also when a brand new ride goes down sometimes there isn't anything to announce. Sometimes the ride ops and maintenance might not know why a ride goes down...It could be a simple easy to fix issue or the train fell off the rails. The point is when you are still learning a ride you never know how serious an issue is until you have experienced it and when you don't know you have nothing to communicate. They could have cleared the queue each time a minor downtime happened Would that have been ok with you?
  7. They absolutely gave everyone a heads up. They sent an email to the passholders announcing the preview. Granted not everyone got the email but those who did not get the email likely heard about the Gold Passholder runs from an enthusiast site or other media source. If you are an enthusiast you should know that a brand new ride is going to have some hiccups. The fact that it stayed open and operating nearly the entire time with only brief moments of downtime is amazing. Not even Disney or Universal can do that. Hell I was opening crew of a MAJOR attraction at Disney and during the first few months we would be lucky to have the damn thing operate for longer than 15 minutes without going 101. SFMM is actually doing a really great job. If you don't like it that's on you.
  8. People...it's a PREVIEW which SFMM was kind enough to invite you to. When something "soft opens" or "previews" the expectation should not be of "normal operations" but more like a "test and adjust". In exchange for being somewhat of a Guiney Pig you get the pleasure of being one of the first to ride this awesome brand new attraction. So yah, they might be only running one train or the line might be moving slower but you get bragging rights! I was able to ride it 9 times in a row media day Wednesday morning without getting up. I was completely blown away. I had a real hard time walking after getting out and was a tad nauseous but it was completely worth it. Green Side Stall. Its everything. Incidentally we didn't have much of a choice but to ride continually as after a few laps...and to keep the trains timed properly for racing... they were only letting 4 people out of the train at a time.
  9. What wasn't really explained at all though was the significance of shooting the little compass things. The number you shoot are tallied up and is displayed along with your photo and score at the end. Anybody care to venture to guess as to what they mean?
  10. Yes there is a preshow. It plays on the monitors in the small loosely themed indoor section of the queue. It loosely explains what is going on. It was very easy to miss this morning as 1) there wasn't a line and 2)the majority of the time the loop shows a collage of pictures of the creature destroying various things. But it's there.
  11. Yah. I rode it a few times this morning also and it also exceeded my expectations. The film seems very interchangeable and adaptable to any of the other parks. We were told that the outcome would differ based upon how you performed in the game but after riding a few times actually trying and scoring many points and then a few times just sitting there and not shooting anything the outcomes seemed exactly the same. The preshow was...interesting (the old man can really dive!)...but it set up the story fairly well. overall it's a pretty solid attraction and a welcome change from an empty building.
  12. I suggested this on Facebook but maybe the park can get some positive publicity by donating the equivalent of the sales tax paid to the State of Indiana to a charity upholding equality. It would be amazing publicity for the park...especially if they do it first. Many people I have spoken with have a problem with giving tax money to the government who passed the law and thus are boycotting all things Indiana. This includes my friends and family who were planning a trip to HW but now are planning on going elsewhere. Anything the park can do to help convince my friends and family and thus get me back to Holiday World would be amazing.
  13. At the park now. Here is a quick construction update... The Twenties Roar no more... Dippin style construction wall with attraction poster. Glorious dirt behind the wall. This used to be the ramp that would take ya up to level 2 boarding. Peek up into the old KOD loading area. Ya can make out a little of the mural that was behind the loading area. Overall construction area. Arcade is closed and they took down all awnings up top
  14. I don't think asking for something is a violation of park policies. If he was maliciously line jumping while flipping the bird to the queue or if he asked the employee to ride as a single and the employee said no and went ahead and did it anyway then it's a violation. Sometimes asking for something can reap benefits and sometimes not so yes I guess there is a bit of a gamble there but it can't hurt to try. As long as you can accept no for an answer should the answer be no.
  15. Ladies and Gentlemen...the name of the next 3 attractions at any of the Cedar Fair parks. Tarantula Hawk.
  16. The reason for the no single riders in the back seat policy at many Six Flags parks is due to the fact that if something bad were to happen (rider falling out, loose object hitting someone) there would at least be one witness. It sounds crazy...but that's it.
  17. Is that porn music being played in the background?! Shoulda named it John Holmes the Ride. Could've advertised it as the largest woody in the world. Ha oh this video!! It was a VHS that Kodak put out in the late 80s. I had it then and watched it till the tape broke. I never realized how "I have candy in my van" and "have you seen my lost puppy" the ice cream man was till now. Also...was that Stevie Wonder in the front seat of one of the cuts?
  18. Since I have a CF platinum pass and it's directly on the way home to LA I decided to see if GS was up and was greeted once again with attraction not operating. Something has to be up. Was it down all weekend? Nice touch tho...I walked in and they were playing the Mariotts Carrousel Song. Cool hearing that in the park.
  19. No I was speaking of the park as a whole. Granted I understand the park was on the brink of extinction but to see this theme less hodgepodge teal green and blue mess that this once obviously beautiful park has become IS sad. Top Flight Deck Gun is a great ride. The rest..not so much. It deserves better.
  20. It's been down all day with nobody in the station or queue out front. It appears to be down for the day. Things seem to be really jenky here. Having grown up with SFGAm it is clear this park went awry. Sad.
  21. At the park right now. Gold Striker is still down. A wee but disappointed after driving up from LA but at least there is an hour wait for Grizzly . What's wrong with GS?
  22. Also X Base is open and in line for Firehawk. Outer limits is of course down for the rest of the day.
  23. At the park now. Lots of fire trucks and a news helicopter or two around FOF but about to get on Racer so it probably wasn't tooooo serious because coney mall is still open and well...so is the racer.
  24. OK, say someone gets up to the test seat, sits down and then proceeds to puke or poop their pants or whatever... all over it. Does that in turn make the attraction itself go down because the test seat has become "unavailable"? If the test seat is 101...does the coaster go down?
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