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  1. Walt Disney World Epcot Disney/MGM Studios Disney's Animal Kingdom Kings Island Holiday World Cedar Point Parque de Atracciones Madrid Isla Magica Parque de Atracciones Zaragoza Port Aventura Tibidabo Festilandia Terra Mitica Parque Warner Madrid Klotten Tripsdrill Phantasialand Holiday Park Toverland Hershey Park Knoebel's Dorney Park Six Flags Great Adventure Busch Gardens Europe Kings Dominion Good year!!
  2. Joe -- I didn't get a chance to really congratulate you on the trip, but seriously... you should be very proud of the weight loss. CONGRATS. I hadn't met you before the trip and I could SO see a difference. Great job. Keep it up. -- Dave
  3. GREAT update, Robb! I have to say, even with the trims, EGF is an amazing ride. Truly, up until that first set of trims, there is simply no other steel coaster (in my opinion) that can top it -- Lou quoted me eariler and I will repeat: it is a religious experience. I was really disappointed with the trims, but it IS still a wonderful coaster and the park really rolled out the red carpet for us and for that we were all VERY thankful. I can never thank Robb and Elissa enough for a truly amazing trip! -- Dave
  4. Hanno -- GREAT pictures! You really captured some great reactions! The Kevins on the crazy drop ride is my favorite. Can't wait for the next update! (NOT complaining or whining, though -- we've had enough of that) -- Dave Lawrence
  5. Great pics, Kyle! That one of Chadlyr is BEGGING to be photoshopped... -- Dave
  6. Without question: Bouncy Bouncy at Zaragoza! Bouncy Bouncy (or Quetzel or something) eats all other flat rides for breakfast. -- Dave
  7. Truly wonderful pictures. The sunset images are great. Thanks for posting!
  8. My first post! (gulp) Just wanted to say that I have sent in my deposit (via PayPal) for Spain -- possibly moving it to Japan if the timing works out. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. Thanks Robb & Elissa for allowing folks to tag along! Dave
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