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  1. Hey at least they are trying to have some capacity... And haven't gone the Splash Mountain route... Seriously what were they thinking on that...


    Are you talking about the new seating w. Splash @DL?


    Anyway, speaking of that subject and the theme of 'threes' I though it was cool that they could put three kids in one row at Splash. Saw that for the first time today here at WDW.



  2. DL's Space Mountain is NOT getting a new layout last I heard, it was just getting brand new track. And just because DL's Space Mountain was re-tracked does NOT mean that WDW's will be getting the same treatment as they are two VERY different ride systems.


    Big picture? In light of how coasters over a long period of time do need to be re-tracked (sometimes in a shorter period of time). It is very likely that WDW will be retracked...its just a matter of when.


    Seen the plans of DL's Space -- it is different, but not drastic.

  3. Why does Soarin' close if it's raining???


    That doesn't make any sense ...


    Yesterday when it started raining they stopped the previews.


    I think they feel bad because they don't want people to be stuck out in the rain waiting for an attraction which could break down/shut down without warning. We all huddle out by Imagination near the restroom area (closest to the Soarin building) alongside the garden.


    I think they are just looking for a comfortable guest experience (we didn't wait in the cue indoors which is HUGE).


    Make sense (a bit?)

  4. Besides the entrance... It's the same ole' annoying ride. Don't rush to see it. SEE SOARIN! Everyday now 4 - 7pm. But if it rains.. There won't be previews.


    Saw Soarin yesterday, today 2x and a billion times at DCA (seen LMA too at MGM).


    Will hit SW tomorrow morning. It rocks! don't deny it! I love the attraction and forever will. Would be amazing if this overhaul allows Small World Holiday!!!



    Elissa: yes, its the area by the old Skybucket area.


    There are a lot of strollers at MK, but I rarely am at Fantasyland -- might explain why I don't notice them.

  5. Okay just a few things I'm wondering


    1.) Can you get the Epcot monorail from The Polynesian Resort or do you have to go to the TTC?

    2.) Is Fantasmic daily?

    3.) Do you think there will be soft openings for Expedition Everest in Early Jan 06?


    1) You do NOT want to take the monorail from Poly to TTC...why? Well, you have to stop at Grand Floridian, then MK, then Contemporary, then TTC. This might be why Elissa suggests walk over there. In reality, you have a lot of stop and starts.

    --sidenote -- its great to take the express monorail from MK to Epcot because you have to walk over just a few feet to get into line for the Epcot monorail. Heading back its more trouble -- you have to walk all the way down the ramps then all the way up. Sorry, bit of a WDW freak here. I actually took the taxi yesterday cuz I didn't want to bother doing all that crappy transferring.


    2) Fantasmic is daily, and during the busy seasons its on 2 x a night.

    3) Soft openings or testing? I have seen both Soarin and LMA, and they are supposed to open May 5. What's the official date for EE? Soft openings are usually (and others on the boards can back me up here with info) around two to three weeks in advance of the opening -- testing is a bit different -- I guess they do that about a month in a half in advance?


    Not sure when EE officially Opens,


  6. Rode it again today and got some more information.


    The interior hallway is around 50 feet high and the interior is modeled after 7 different airports. Charles De Gaulle, MCO and O' Hare are just a few.


    There is a mistake in the audio in that you are to 'exit on your left' when in fact you have to go right. (whoah!)


    This attraction is partly below ground, but not nearly the depth (40 ft) of DCA's attraction.


    Retaining walls are expensive here

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