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  1. One of the great perks of my job is that it gives me an inordinate amount of free time.


    Most of my free time during perfect days (which there seem to be a lot of in central florida, which surprised me coming from Southern California) is going to Disney parks. And if its just a little too warm, it will be at Blizzard Beach.


    Perhaps because its older, I'm not as much a fan of Typhoon Lagoon (its also further away).


    Regardless, I'm grateful that the parks will be more balanced this March. The new attraction (see my avatar, 2 week old pic) Slush Gusher looks to be fun.


    I can't wait to take advantage of it in the dead times.


    Waterparks are awesome, (except maybe suffering through having to look at middle aged overweight English tourist men in speedos).


    Jose Eber.

  2. I'm curious about what folks think of the new gates operating at the MK Monorail station in WDW.


    I saw them in operation today -- they aren't anything special, just low height chain-link style gates unpainted (looks a little nicer than it sounds). I was hoping for some classy plexi glass full height automated stuff.


    Also -- I'm interested in what folks think of the automated ticketing system at TTC and MK Main Gate.


    Personally, I think its a great idea -- having used one I think for a water park. I think a POS automated ticket system is clever. However, I went through it a bit and its very confusing -- plus you had to have a person on hand to explain it to everyone. Which I think is embarrassing. The new ticketing system doesn't help -- meh.

  3. As soon as I hear someone saying they are an 'expert' I roll my eyes and yawn because someone is missing the big picture.


    I visited all those places as a kid (thanks to my parents). Disney trips won hands down.


    You know a company is going in the shi**er when if fails to capitalize on its own unique market it created.


    Was on the monorail today...being on those express trains from the parking lot to MK gives you a rare picture of BOTH parents and kids excited to go somewhere...it is magical.

  4. My name is Jose Eber but am not a professional hair stylist.


    I moved to Celebration because I like Architecture and Disney World.


    I used to live in South Cal (where I heard of TPR) and used to be a Premium Annual Passholder for Disneyland (every since I moved there).

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