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  1. I'm not normally one for pushing staying at a Disney resort while visiting WDW....


    But yesterday I wanted to pop into MGM for a quick ride (didn't happen). Spring break + full lot = horrific traffic exiting a park by car.


    I've enclosed a map to show you guys the two lanes of bumper to bumper traffic. I moved two car lengths in about 10 minutes then found a trick way out.


    Buses get a short cut -- the same one I took.


    Be warned!


    Anyway -- just an fyi.


  2. Here's what I would have done Greg:


    First in terms of making things straight -- I would have made sure that the track is entirely lined up (the X area in the vertex panel) and used an element for the camelback and even a top hat element to work off of.


    I think the steel work is great though -- I'm so lazy, I would never do one of these coasters because I hate steel work. I am lazy. So hats off to you for that -- I could never do something that good.



  3. What do you all think of the upcoming Dubailand?


    Personally, I'm a total whore for that town (Dubai)-- just think its so up and coming. The Burj, the new tallest building in the world, the largest shopping center in the world -- the vast new wealth from oil, half of the population being European, a neutral attitude towards faith.


    The statistics are incredible. At the time of completion the resort will have 200 000 employees (WDW has 50 000).


    I've attached a corporate brochure for an FYI.


    We are looking at a minimum 16 billion dollar investment.





  4. Awesome Photo TR! Keep them coming! Nice to see some WDW stuff that most people never see. I for one have never seen that "tiki" boat game place in your photos.


    --Robb "Loves seeing all the photos!" Alvey


    That boat thing was crazy...it was fun but I was like -- boy am I out of the loop -- never heard about it or saw it, and I live here. The Fast Pass for Jungle Cruise was cool too. Don't remember if DL has a Jungle Cruise Fast pass. I know Indy's fast pass is near the JC entrance.


    I'm at WDW almost every day -- If you like photos -- I can post photos.


    Here's some more of that noodle place -- I'm curious to try some of this stuff.











  5. Actually since the thing is being built in Japan it's under OLC budget. I would think that the ride would be pretty close to the original concept.


    Take this into consideration:


    DCA's Tower reportedly cost between $90 and $100 million. TDL's is estimated at $190 million (US).


    And unlike DCA's tower it appears to just loom over the entire American Waterfront area.


    Anybody have any idea what it is they are building what seems behind the tower. It's shown in picture 64 on that site.


    Have no idea -- but, I think some of us are worried (although OLC has a great reputation).


    I 'hate' to bring up current WDW rides -- but something like Mission -- is VERY expensive (200 million +) -- and there is little plot or story behind it..., its touted as a simulator...


    WDI just doesn't respect that for some of us, the point of visiting a theme park is to be entertained, not to be thrilled to death (or to the vomit bag) with intense or pedantic experiences (re: AK and EPCOT)


    Sorry, some people love that sort of thing, not me.


    TOT is great -- was on it the other night -- but often with these latter designed rides, artistry and technical prowess take center stage over something as simple as an entertaining narrative. That's kinda sad.


    Today I was actually lamenting that MK WDW doesn't have Alice or Casey Jr or the Storyland Canal. Those sorts of things are awesome -- because they work on all levels. You can take your kids there and have them enjoy it, and you enjoy what's going on as well.


    These huge a$$ rides are great only when they tell a great story. Space Mountain, Big Thunder mountain -- that is some cool stuff, but kids can ride them too because they won't go past 30 mph.


    I just know WDI is filled with artists and engineers (we do really need them) but very few entertainers or even innovators for that matter. I guess when Walt left -- no one entertainer at heart took his place.


    So, as much as I look really forward to an OLC project, I know who designs them, and those designers also design some of my least loved attractions. Money, or the amount of money spent has little to do with entertainment value when that money is being possibly spent on things that have little to do with entertaining people.


    I'm an unfair biased person I know,


  6. I had the camera with me today:



    This is the castle...yayyyyy




    Actual fire!



    This restaurant was a surprise, totally never noticed it -- its not as obvious as Mercado -- freakin a its got some serious capacity.




    Never noticed this either -- it was fun. Got the bubble pit to go.



    This isn't the back to the future set.



    Winner -- best dress -- boy in lime green getup -- by 'Mom'.

    Runner up: "I love Canadian Beef" T shirt.



    Noodle time.


    Here's someone reminding us the best way to get into Magic Kingdom is through the Railroad. ?!?!



    Didn't think it was that busy. They want us to avoid Cinderellabration I suppose.


    At Typhoon the maps have been redone:



    Hopefully they will be replaced - can't wait to see the drawing.



    Donuts for breakfast.



    Typhoon was empty -- hardly anyone there -- rain this morning scared people away -- also so windy -- white caps on Seven Seas Lagoon.


    A lot more pics (too big I guess) here.

  7. Than that website sucks!


    You have no appreciation for the long hours this guy has gone through for these recreations.


    In college I did rendering of some of my work and crap does it take a long time. And my stuff was static (buildings etc.) Its very rewarding -- but his sort of work is insane. Keep in mind he is not only rendering Silver Bullet -- but other attractions as well.




    My hat is totally off to this guy such a labor intensive job.



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