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  1. well ... i am looking forward to this indeed. The ride is squeduled to open in 2008. Well i know its doubtfull but my family is planning to visit Febuary of 2008 so i hope there open. The rides look amazing expecially tower of terror, as im going to florida in august i imagine the queue's will be hurrendous so i will get the chance to ride it at Paris.
  2. niether have i . Yes a credit well.... the woodie might not happen after senoir staff went to bush gardens and said that they never liked Gwazie
  3. Flamingoland have got rid of all carnival fair rides . They are getting dodgems from american adventure ( which is shutting ) and placing them indoors near billy bobs show. They are getting 4-d ride motion master from american adventure. Also mini mine rush from american adventure ( see below ) Splash battle kind of ride ( like at walibi ) going where walzters were. And another water ride to make the area * splash land * Photo's to jack cullen
  4. Yea very odd, two boomerangs :S A first two train vekoma motorbike ? The place does like amazing .... and it will be interesting to see if it goes ahead and i think there is two vekoma family inverted coasters two as there is two different types shown.
  5. goats rules , wait till they take over the world
  6. Yes you heard me its closed for ever , no more fun house of spinning wheel or rides . Proof - http://www.southportforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50364661 Could traumatizer be the new ride for blackpool then ? But its a damn shame that that park is going , classic rides and good old rides will probably be demolished
  7. Thanks for clearing it up , i never thought of it although everyone else did lol. Well i did'nt really know but thanks EVERYONE for helping
  8. Ok i know coasters do rust but it can be a serious issue ! The ride has been open about 4 months and rust is clearly acutally making a big impact on the track which if the rust goes through it could collapse ! I just never seen rust progress this bad so soon and what will happen through-out winter! Theres also some on other parts which are worse.
  9. Well Hello! Im Sean , 14 live in england , middlesbrough. I am an ULTIMATE FLAMINGOLAND FAN! I visit loads and if your ever in the area on a NON school day pm me and ill meet you up as i go loads . Love all the rides there tooo haha. www.flamingolandcrazy.co.uk crazzy enough to make a site tooo. I travel uk and europe with my parents im a geek with coasters too nice to meet you all
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