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  1. Wild Rivers is rebuilding! They are planning on reopening 2014 at a county owned land area. So awesome! Link To News Article on Wild Rivers
  2. So i'm a bit of a bigger guy and i'm going to sea world San Diego in about a week and wanted to know if anyone knew what the restraints were like on the ride. I'm 6'2 and a little over 300. Thanks
  3. The ice is in the urinal to keep the smell down. It sounds wierd, but it works.
  4. heh. Am i the only person that misses the old Inamin XK-1 flight trainers?
  5. Mike, That last pic in the update is AMAZING. any chance of getting a high resolution version of that picture for a desktop wallpaper?
  6. Wow. That looks amazing. The elevated lifts looks like that would be half the thrill.
  7. Robb, All the rollercoaster and ride photos for the Disneyland rides are blank pages as well.
  8. The SFMM page: The Coaster pages for Colossus, Deja Vu and Flashback are blank. And the announcement for X2 instead redirects you to a page for a april fools post about Disney opening a 3rd park.
  9. Hey Robb, It looks like Knott's Berry Farm is not on the list. I don't know if this is intended or not. Either way, it's missing.
  10. I found this on Screamscape and did a search and didn't see it here. http://www.mahalo.com/Disneyland_Dream_1956 It's a link to a video from a family that won a promotion for a trip to Los Angeles and Disneyland in 1956. And it's in color. It is really neat to see Knotts and Disneyland back then and hearing them talking about driving through all the orange groves made me laugh. I'm 29 and lived in OC my entire life and i can't even remember the last orange grove i saw. lol. It's 34 minutes long and the part about Disneyland doesn't start until the 19 minute mark, but if you ever wanted to see Los Angeles back then, check it out. -G-to-the-Mouth
  11. Now, I've only had an annual pass for the past two years and i must say that even in that small span there has been a huge improvement in the operations and cleanliness of the park as a whole. The repaints of Viper and Ninja have made those classic rides even more beautiful. X2 looks amazing as well. Thanks for all the hard work you guys have been putting in over there and here's to more success in the future!!! - Eddie
  12. Burger King has some little standup display inside where you order your food. At least the one next to my office does. Also, the last time i checked you could still buy tickets online at the six flags website for that same price. u might wanna check out both options if there is a burger king close to you.
  13. Hey guys, Any word on when Ninja will be back up and running? I know it prolly won't be running this weekend, but any clues when it will?
  14. When they put up Xcelerator, they laid all the track on the ground across the street on La Palma blvd. It was right behind the Claim Jumper on the corner of Beach and La Palma. I used to drive up La Palma to work every morning and you would see them loading pieces onto trucks to bring into the park that day.
  15. Hey Derrik, U coming out to this event? We gonna have a tasty selection of brews again at this party?
  16. Forgive me if i am wrong, but wasn't Flashback at two different parks before it became a rust pile at SFMM? I don't see this ride getting a fourth try at another park. Sure it is a one of a kind Intamin ride.......but.....the thing beat the crap out of you for pretty much the entire ride.
  17. It makes sense that the Thomas and friends area would be where Flashback is since it's so close to the kiddie area. But it doesn't make sense to put a brand name ice cream shop in the back corner of the park. Something like that would do better near the front of the park by the carousel. I think that they are just gonna give the land back where psyclone sat. That is the only thing that really makes sense. Flashback sucked and there is no way that thing is getting refurbished and sent back out. Gutter "my two cents" mouth
  18. Guttermouth's Wii code: 7166 5415 4088 4063
  19. Magic Mountain is giving free admission to anyone who brings a toy over $15 bucks in value for the annual Toys for Tots toy drive. You must bring a reciept showing the toy. The last day for this is tomorrow the 10th. I was planning on going anyways. Hope to see u guys there. G-Mouth
  20. Went today for a work outing. Quite a fun day. First time there since Superman was new. Deja vu was up and running and was insane. Tatsu had about an hour wait due to the wonderful fact that they were only running one train. Then about 20 mins into the wait, it broke down with a 45 minute delay. So we passed on it. Freefall was up and running but while i was waiting for my friends to get out of Riddler's Revenge, it broke down twice. But they fixed it and it kept running with two trains. Vipers and Goliaths crews were moving the trains as fast as possible. Thanks to the fact that both were running two trains. And both rides had about a 10 minute wait which was nice. Superman was only running the left side and had about a 15 minute wait. Psyclone was running even though some of the trains are on Colossus. Only one train was on Psyclone and we have all already ridden it so we passed on that. But the worst crew by far was Revolution. There was about a 35 minute wait that could have been cut in half if they had more than one train running. Not to mention the slow dispatch times. And yes Flashback is dead. Overall a really fun day. Goliath was definately the highlight of the trip by far. That first drop is amazing and not to mention the massive airtime you get on that ride as well. Definately worth the price of admission just for that.
  21. Thanks Mr. Six for that. At least i know for sure, i'm gonna miss that credit. Well, fortunately i already have my flashback credit. If any of you peeps are gonna be there on the 27th, lemme know and maybe we can meet for lunch or something. Ed
  22. my company is having a field trip to SFMM on the 27th for the day....I hope X is back up by then.
  23. Thank you for the really nice time Robb and Elissa. It was really cool meeting all the TPR people. Nice meeting Derek, Guy, Dan, Joey. I had a lot of fun. Derek and Guy during the TPR trivia were friggin hillarious. Thank you once again.
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