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  1. One of the biggest problems with the old setup was that unless you were in the front row your view was heavily obscured by not only the restraints, but also the four supports for the chairs in the row in front of you. These new trains will now have less restraint to block your view and only two supports for each row. I'd imagine the view from all rows other than the front will be much improved with these trains. I'm excited to try them out.
  2. Although I wouldn't expect a super intense ride as none of the wing riders have been at all aggressive, I also wouldn't take that video as indicative of what the pacing will be like. It's an early test run with a nearly empty train so it is likely a bit slower through the course than it will be when open to the public.
  3. The trailer gives me the chills but I have a feeling the movie itself will just be another silly 'home-movie' style film and not really do much of anything to really scare viewers.
  4. The answer is that the fastest speed IS at the bottom of the batwing. Early on people randomly said that the top speed would be before the batwing but then the park came out and answered that question and said the top speed is achieved at the bottom of the batwing.
  5. Yeah that would be a hard sell. Most tourists visiting NYC are coming in from other cities/states/countries/etc. Getting to a park outside the city would be a difficult day trip for someone visiting the city. That and like you said, SFGAD is close by and if someone wants something closer Coney Island offers a good day trip for someone staying in NYC.
  6. The levels of jealousy are rising with me This is great you guys, I loved seeing all these pictures from this year and past years. Thanks for posting.
  7. Yeah Iron Dragon could certainly use some love. It's a great starter coaster, something Cedar Point is lacking in at the moment. The ride just feels very unloved these days. Some minor enhancements could go a long way towards making the ride a better experience for the budding coaster enthusiasts out there
  8. It also seems like Cedar Point is really working towards making the overall experience a better one by improving the resorts, the front gate, dining options, restrooms, etc. This makes for a much MUCH better trip than an arbitrary number of coasters.
  9. Yeah, it's definitely a lot earlier that they started advertising for tallest and fastest. I recall an animated ad for a side friction coaster as being the tallest coaster on earth. And that was from around the turn of the century. Coasters have long been about records.
  10. ^That first one was explained somewhere in some video. They wanted it to be a B&M originally but B&M weren't comfortable with a 300 footer yet so they passed and Cedar Point went with Intamin instead. So there was never anything more than discussion between Cedar Point and B&M for Millennium Force.
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. I agree with the wave turn suggestion. I'm not overly fond of how that element turned out. It definitely needs to be more of a sideways hill than it currently is. As for the support structure I'll admit that was mostly due to laziness in wanting to just get the ride finished and not build a custom wood support structure. I was testing it out to see how it would turn out and I'm not entirely sold it looks good. Thanks again for the feedback.
  12. This is Bandit Run (Creative name, I know haha). It is a Rocky Mountain topper track coaster. It features a terrain hugging layout of around 3,700 feet with three inversions and high speed pacing. This is the second coaster I've built since coming back to No Limits after a several year hiatus so the detail beyond the coaster itself is lacking but it was more of an experiment than anything. The ride is also entirely hand built and I'd say came out pretty smooth considering. I hope you enjoy the track and let me know what you'd like to see as an improvement so I can consider it for my next coaster. RMC-Modified.nltrack And here are some promotional photos of the ride in action. Photo 1
  13. Carnival has a new ship design featuring two back ends. You'll never know what direction it's traveling *It's just a weird stitching thing obviously, but I thought it was funny*
  14. ^In normal operation there wasn't anything that would have killed anyone. The problem came when it was questioned what would happen in a situation where the train for some reason or another lost speed (such as a valley, something caught in a wheel, etc.) and therefore didn't have enough speed/momentum to keep the trains from essentially tipping over when inverted. That problem was never solved and therefore this was never implemented in any working model.
  15. This is all good news. It seems like they really care about improving and expanding the park in ways that not only introduce fun new rides, but introduce small things that make the guest experience a little more enjoyable such as this new landscaped bridge. I'm excited to try out all the new stuff the next time I get back there. By then Harry Potter Diagon Alley will be open, I have yet to try out Transformers, Simpsons Land happened, and all these small improvements around both parks are happening. Exciting times.
  16. I still wouldn't expect it to happen. Those fog machines never ran when Cedar Fair owned the park as far as I remember. I'm pretty sure they really only consistently ran in the early years and once it became Six Flags Worlds of Adventure it was rare. But they were indeed really cool and added a lot to the overall feel of the ride.
  17. I remember when Serial Thriller first opened at Geauga Lake they had misters/fog machines (not sure which) around the entire ride so the ride was always shrouded in fog. It was a super cool effect and obviously possible if they do so choose to bother. I'm not going to hold my breath, but if they do it it'll be awesome.
  18. 25. Decent considering that number would've only been like 10 a couple summers ago. But this just clearly means I need to get out to some new parks.
  19. Yeah. I'm in the club of really enjoying the ride, mostly for its raw simplicity. But at no point would I ever even begin to toy with the idea of arguing that it's better than all but 8 coasters on earth. I do think it makes for one of the best season-enders though. Going on the final night of the year and riding it nonstop is pretty fun. It has a pretty awesome location as the end of the season the waterpark and hotels aren't open so it's just dark heading out towards the lake. And those no-trim rides are pretty ridiculous if you are like me and don't mind being thrown around a bit on coasters.
  20. This looks really unique. It also seems to have heavier banking and quicker transitions than previous wing coasters. I wonder if that'll translate to a more intense ride than current ones give. Regardless this looks like a great addition. Watching it go up has also been pretty amazing. The speed at which they're working is incredible.
  21. ^It's definitely a combination of many things. Construction manager, park pushing to meet deadlines, and also manufacturer input and design quality. The better designed (not speaking of layout, forces, or any of that stuff, but actual technical qualities) something is and more thought out its construction is during the design process, the easier it will be to build. I love the color scheme. I cannot wait to ride this in the Spring.
  22. ^And another station and everything involved with a station including mechanicals, pedestrian access, safety equipment, etc. And even then it's entirely possible that with how quick inverted coasters tend to load and unload that it wouldn't really even matter in terms of hourly capacity.
  23. Yeah I am an architect and these plans are for sure real. Now that being said that doesn't mean this is the final layout (or the layout at all) of the ride, but it's definitely actual drawings. And based on the sheet setup and names of the sheets it appears that this set is far beyond the stage o f schematic design for the ride and is a construction set meaning it is fully designed and engineered. As for the misspelling, you'd be surprised. We get drawings from engineers, surveyors, etc. all the time with spelling mistakes. And we send drawings to permit and then realize there are spelling mistakes. These drawings are made by humans, and therefore spelling mistakes happen.
  24. ^I don't know, although they obviously seem to have an aversion to outdoing rides at Cedar Point, is Wicked Twister ever really even advertised as the tallest and fastest invert? I don't recall seeing anything while at the park. I think the fact that it doesn't appear all that tall and fast compared to some of the other rides at Cedar Point that they've glossed over that fact. That being said, a full circuit inverted coaster coming in just shy of that height and speed would still be pretty epic. I'd be excited about that.
  25. ^A lot of it honestly comes down to how it'll affect the company's relation with its shareholders. Despite an accident being bad publicity (obviously) it would be a big issue for shareholders to see the park just up and dismantle a ride and give up on it after a few seasons and one serious incident. It was an expensive ride and would come off as the park just throwing away its money which wouldn't be good in the eyes of its investors. Otherwise we would never have seen parks continuously attempt to save rides with issues such as SoB, the Windseekers, etc. It's entirely possible though that the ride will receive new boats if they feel this will help make the ride a bigger and more reliable asset to the park.
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