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  1. Echoing the previous sentiments, yes, Arie Force One was awesome! The kids and I grabbed 5 rides on it during our few hours at the park, trying out the front, back, and middle, and it rides great everywhere, but also a little different in each spot. Very front at night was probably my favorite overall ride, but Row 6, the middle (also at night), gave me my favorite moment on the coaster, as it went up into the zero-g roll, and I lifted out of my seat for what seemed like an eternity, during the longest sustained period I think I've ever been out of my seat on a coaster ever! The going straight from that in the outer bank ejector hill is simply an amazing transition! The two rolls later in the ride also hit different, and better, in the middle, which was interesting to note. The back was definitely great if you love violence with your coasters, because AFO definitely brings that in the back, especially at the end of its run on the quad down, and hitting the brake run! Just be prepared to come to a VERY sudden stop if you're riding back there when you hit that brake run. I rode my first ride of the day in the very back, and it was awesome, but it was also incredibly intense, and I did prefer my rides in the front and middle more, personally. But that will obviously be to taste and personal preference of thigh abuse. All in all, Fun Spot absolutely knocked it out of the park with this coaster, and it's a gem, that is definitely in my Top 10 coasters somewhere, though I'm not sure where all the dust on my new ranking will settle from this Florida/Georgia vacation. Adding three Top 10 coasters though (this, Velocicoaster, Iron Gwazi) definitely made for an amazing week of fantastic coaster riding for myself and my kids!
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  2. Tornadoes in New Jersey in early April...EVERYTHING IS FINE!!!!
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  3. Great to hear! I'm about an hour away from the park now, on my way back North from Florida, and look forward to spending about 3 hours at the park riding it tonight with my kids! After riding both Iron Gwazi and Velocicoaster on our vacation this past week, it'll be interesting to see how it stacks up! I'm betting from the sounds of it, quite well!
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  4. Having the rides open was definitely not premium. I'm glad they made everything premium now.
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  5. Based on the 2023 park map (it was posted on a Facebook group), Falcon's Flight is removed from the map. So either it is SBNO or completely trashed.
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