Photo TR: 2019 Thailand Adventure (February 2019)

Photos From Pattaya Park and Dream World
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Photo TR: 2019 Thailand Adventure (February 2019)

Postby The Angry Darren Mullins » Fri Mar 01, 2019 6:12 am

February 23-February 28, 2019 (Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand):

I decided to go to Thailand for reasons both professional and leisure. I originally had another vacation planned for China, but after the way people acted on my Yunnan trip, I decided to bypass China as much as possible. I flew out of Hong Kong on Emirates Airlines. I chose Emirates because it was non-Chinese and, after not being welcome at many hotels in China and such, I felt it was for the best that I choose not to interact with Chinese and take my money elsewhere. Also, the Chinese practice of selling me tickets to ride coasters, allowing me to walk to the loading station of the coaster and then being informed of a stupid policy that will not permit me to ride made me feel the need to give my money to non-Chinese parks. I visited two parks while I was in Thailand.

Pattaya Park Beach Resort: This is a beach resort with a hotel, amusement park, water park and a beach in the seaside city of Pattaya. The amusement park here features about 8 rides. One coaster is here. It is called Slalom. It has a spiral lift hill and single car trains. It is a short, but fun coaster. Single riders are not allowed as the operators said the ride needs people on each side to balance the car as it goes around the turns. I would ride it twice. It is a very intense coaster and well worth going to Pattaya for if you visit Thailand. Slalom became coaster #1189 for me to ride and Pattaya Park became park #604 for me to visit. One more thing about Pattaya Park is there was a reverse freefall coaster built here that never opened. The tower section still looms above the park, but the launch section has been removed.

Dream World: I visited this place in 2017 and was disappointed that Sky Coaster was closed. Today, Sky Coaster was open and I got to ride it. It is a Vekoma suspended coaster with floorless trains. It became coaster #1190 for me to ride. I really enjoyed it. Speedy Mouse is still here and is one of the best kiddie coasters I have been on and Black Hole Coaster is still great fun. In fact, Dream World is one of my favorite parks and even though only three coasters are here, all of them are great.

I caught my flight back to Hong Kong and returned to China. Upon my return to China, the taxi driver took me out of the way going home despite my instructions not to do so. At least I could disconnect from that type of nongsense for a couple of says. In closing this TR, this was originally supposed to be another vacation in China, but stupid/rude operations and policies at parks, the dishonest drivers and the racist hotel policy has told me that Chinese can't be bothered by foreigners and me, being the gentleman that I am, chose to leave the Chinese alone and SPEND MY MONEY ELSEWHERE.
Pattaya Park Entrance.jpg
I am in Thailand. I have arrived at the Pattaya Park Beach Resort.
Pattaya Bungalow.jpg
This is where I will spend the night. It is a short walk from the beach and the amusement park.
Pattaya Beach.jpg
Here is the beach.
Pattaya Park Inside.jpg
Let's check out the rides.
Pattaya Park Reverse Freefall.jpg
The park built a reverse freefall coaster that never opened. Half of it has been removed.
Pattaya Park Wave Swinger.jpg
Asians love their wave swingers.
Pattaya Park Pirate Ship.jpg
This looks like pirate ships back in America.
Pattaya Coaster 1.jpg
A coaster is here. It has a spiral lift.
Pattaya Coaster 3.jpg
It runs single car trains.
Pattaya Coaster 2.jpg
Meet Slalom (that is the coaster's name).
Pattaya Coaster 5.jpg
This is a fun coaster.
Dream World 2019 Entrance.jpg
After two days in Pattaya, I went back to Bangkok to visit Dream World.
Dream World 2019 Lake.jpg
This is my second visit to this park. It is one of my favorite parks in Asia.
Dream World 2019 Black Hole Coaster.jpg
Black Hole Coaster is still as much fun as I remember from two years ago.
Dream World 2019 Snow World.jpg
Yes! It snows close to the equator. Actually, it is Snow Town at Dream World.
Dream World 2019 Ride.jpg
This is one of the many rides that entertains guests at Dream World.
Dream World 2019 Speedy Mouse 2.jpg
This is one of the best kiddie coasters anywhere.
Dream World 2019 Speedy Mouse.jpg
Here is an onride shot.
Dream World 2019 Sky Coaster 3.jpg
This is what I came here for. It was closed two years ago for rehab when I visited in 2017.
Dream World 2019 Sky Coaster 1.jpg
Sky Coaster is a Vekoma Swinging Turns model.
Dream World 2019 Sky coaster 2.jpg
Vekoma only built three of these. It is a fun ride. This will close out the TR.
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Re: Photo TR: 2019 Thailand Adventure (February 2019)

Postby Mike240SX » Fri Mar 01, 2019 7:07 am

Glad to hear you've decided to spend your money where it's appreciated.
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Re: Photo TR: 2019 Thailand Adventure (February 2019)

Postby The Angry Darren Mullins » Fri Mar 01, 2019 8:35 am

The service I got at the restaurants was fantastic. At one place in Pattaya, we ordered our food and my wife said "it will be a little bit before the food is ready". She said this about a minute after we ordered. About one minute later, the guy who waited on us brought the food out. It was the same way at a restaurant in Bangkok. In addition to what I just said, the employees at the parks were excellent. It is nice to know that Thai people have a service industry.

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