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Glen Oaks Amusement Park

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Before I begin, let me say that this will sound a lot like the Geboldi threads, especially the Geboldi Gardens thread, but this is a park with a story I've been planning for months and months (I mean this park was in the making before I was even on TPR).

Ready? Good.




You've just been transported in time to July of the year 2014.

Major housing complex Glen Oaks (this is a real place), in West Des Moines, IA, has gone bankrupt. Everyone moved out and their buildings were destroyed. But that was three years ago, in 2011. The breaking news today is as follows:



A former Iowan (I don't mean me, you idgit) came happily back to Iowa yesterday to buy Glen Oaks and turn it into a thriving amusement park!


His plans are to build a steel roller coaster with two corkscrews, and eventually a kiddie coaster. Of course, not many rides will be present in 2016, but we may all attend the grand opening.



So, welcome to the world of GOAP: Glen Oaks Amusement Park. A twenty year journey through an ever growing park, with a story much like that of Geauga Lake Park.


Suddenly, it is the year 2016. The park will open in less than two months.


Stay tuned.

NOTE: This is an RCT2 park. All events are made up and probably won't happen. But we at GOAP hope to the good lord that they do.

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Sorry I haven't gotten screens up yet.

Well, the rides in the park are complete and ready to open.

There are only five rides:

Corkscrew, an Arrow corkscrew coaster

Little Dipper, a kiddie coaster


Wheel Rocker Go-Karts

Americana Carrousel


And there will be three places to get food:

Glen Oaks Drinks

Glen Oaks Eatery

Luigi's Pizza


And one theater, The Colosseum Theatre.

I've noticed that there aren't many trees on one side of the park. I'm assuming that they'll be planted in the near future.






Wheel Rocker Go-Karts


Park Gates


Little Dipper

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I think after the first drop on the corkscrew coaster you should put a loop there it would look alot better and make the coaster look more realistic. Also the corkscrew coaster's lift hill i think is too heavily supported you should take a few supports off. anyways good park and keep up the good work.

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Just announced:

New for 2017...

Tsunami Splash is the park's first water ride! Guests will be lifted 90 feet in the air, and dropped all the way into refreshing splash!


This is sort of an old design, but it will look really nice! I can't wait!

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