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Waterslide in NL :O

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Well I was bored in class after I had testing so I drew a water slide up ment for RCT 3 but I thought I might as well make it in NL I have the time. This was like a 3 hour project so its not perfect but I thought it came out ok. well enjoy.


Edit: YAY! first upload here


HEY! its a picture


the thing

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^Yes it works


That's a hell of a lot of 3ds!! Nice work.


You could have worked on the banking a little more because water slides don't bank going up a hill.

Well I banked it at first and then just noticed that I shouldnt have so then I changed it but it would go through the water and looked like crap


also it does work all I did was make a track then used the tunnle maker to do everything exept the blocks at the end and begining of the slide. It took like 20 min for the track and then 2 or 3 hours to do the tunnles.


edit: this is also based on the zipcoaster thing that wild water west made where it plainly started with a water lift hill for the master blaster slides.

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The second one I did sucked. and hyyyper if you just took the time that I acctually worked on it in the three hours it might of been 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour. This was my really bad attemt with the tunnle maker.

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