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Robb and Elissa's Top Coaster List!

Millennium ForceJZ

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I'm afraid that once I ride a lot more coasters, I will start to like some of original favorites less... and that would be bad.... I dont want my favorite coaster to be in a different state.


I have been on 31 coasters, and I still get tons of wonderful sensations of airtime on rides many hardcore enthusiasts no longer feel.


Has anyone been able to notice that feeling of airtime or any other sensation go away after riding?


I think that is also improtant when deciding a top ten.

Oh, and my top ten changed again:

1) Sheikra (The undisputable #1 coaster in Florida. For me at least. Scariest drop ever and I LOVE inversions with very little force.)

2) Montu (Once again, the less force, the better)

3) Kraken (awesome 1st drop and zero G roll)

4) Dueling Dragons Fire (immelmans!!)

5) Dueling Dragons Ice (turnaround and zero G roll rock!)

6) Rock 'n' Roller Coaster (my first coaster with inversions.. I like how much hangtime this ride has)

7) Kumba (the best vertical loop EVER!)

8) The Incredible Hulk Coaster (my least favorite B&M coaster in FL by far, but has a fun launch and zero G roll, too bad the best parts of the ride are over in the first 5 seconds... :( )

9) Revenge of the Mummy (YAY airtime!)

10) Dania Beach Hurricane (The only good woodie I've ever been on)

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