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The Official "LOST" Thread!

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I put LOST in the search engine and it didn't say it had been done!


Welcome to the Official "LOST" Thread! Post your opinions.


In the last episode. Hurley begins halusinating (SP?) and you figure out that Hurley use to be at a hospital. At the end of the episode Libby stops Hurley form killing himself and then at the very end, Libby is seen in the hospital watching Hurley.

I think this was just put in to confuse people and make them think away from "Henry Gale" , whom by the way, I think is an "other".

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Ahhh..LOST...my Wed night simple pleasure...


There is SOOOO much more to the Henry Gale story. Who is the man he is so scared of? Where did Desmond go? Where in the hell did the food drop from? Whats with the blast door map?


So many questions...and maybe we will finally will find out what happened to Walt and Micheal.

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