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Photo TR: Weekend in Rosarito

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OK, so we all know how popular the Mini-Uk TR has been the last few days, so there is definitely an audience for that kind of "kink" here at TPR. I decided to fulfill my civic duty and deliver the goods of another TR (and for those of you out there who have similar TRs, don't hold back!). Towards the end January, a group of friends and I decided to "let loose" in beautiful and (not quite) exotic Rosarito. I'll let the photos do the talking. Enjoy!


And we close this PTR with the sunset over Baja California.


Here we are doing our best Jeebus impersonation.


This be the swimming poo.


The girls by the beach... Ana, you don't want to know what you missed.


Swimming poo?


The hotel sure had some weird signage.


You go, girls!


pouncing on Marina, of course.


She wants to be nice and limber before...


Evelyn preparing for the day's events.


The next morning we woke up to this beautiful ocean view, but don't think that things slowed down for us.


Getting down with our bad selves!


While partying hardy, we ran into a crew from our neck of the woods. WHITTIER'S IN DA HOUSE!!




the tables turn.


She gets higher and higher, when suddenly...


First, Marina tries to strip me and fondle me...


Sure, they look innocent now, but you have no idea what evil schemes these temptresses have with me tonight!


Seems like she got snatched up by some random guy for the night. Oh well... good luck to ya, sis.


Here are the three of us at the beginning of the night.... Wait, three? Where's Ana?

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Haha, you guys clearly have a lot of fun together. I love the Jeebus impersonation pic, I'd have to get that printed and on the wall! Pretty beach there too.


One question though, on one of the first pictures, of Marina and one of the other girls, what is that on Marina's shirt/chest?! It looks like she has a button or something embedded in her ribcage, just caught my eye as I was scrolling down...

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what is that on Marina's shirt/chest?! It looks like she has a button or something embedded in her ribcage, just caught my eye as I was scrolling down...


You know what..... I..... don't..... know . She was wearing glitter that night so maybe her glitter roll fell down her cleavage? I'll definitely have to ask her.


Overall, it was an amazing weekend, one that I really need just about now (family drama sucks ass!).

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