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More Cedar Fair interested in Six Flags stuff...

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^ They did buy Geagua

Thats different. The animals were despensible/expensible w/e the word is... They basically could get rid of them.

But... SFMW was basically a zoo until SF took partnership with the city, and then they built into the original parking lot and started adding rides. Also, you can't really do much with the back of the park anyways since they have all those hight restrictions.

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^why would they buy parks that don't do well...I would think some parks they may be interested in





yeah, come on and buy SFGAm please!!!!!




Umm, Six Flags Marine World rose their attendance for the first time in 3 years this year, they're one of the few parks that are actually holding their own, so why wouldn't CF be interested in them? The park is in good condition and except for a few rides *cough*Zonga*cough*, most of the rides are in pretty good condition. They wouldn't have to spend millions of dollars to repair the things that SFI left in shambles because most of the park is clean and tidy and isn't run down. Plus, they have an opportunity to possibly expand the park. The park is a land mine and any company (CF, Busch, etc.) would be interested in buying this park.


parks they will probably buy




these are my best geusses


I've heard several people mention they thought CF would buy SFMW, and I have no idea why anyone would think that.


It would be the same situation they have with GL. Take out all the animals (because they have said they don't want to run animal parks) and you're left with a crappy park with vacant animal exhibits that the locals stop going to because they liked the animals.


Personally, I don't see CF having the money to buy SF outright, or the interest. I could see them buying select (smaller) parks, but not the whole chain.


That's one of the big things, SFMW is all about their animals. The reason their attendance was up this season was because of the the Ocean Discovery exhibit they installed. So that's why if CF doesn't buy it, I believe Busch would probably buy it. But, CF would be walking past a gold mine with SFMW, this park has so potential, and even if they don't do animals, this park is one of the few GOOD parks that SFI offers. If they looked past animals and possibly just hired a company to take care of the animals, Cedar Fair would be investing in a really really good park, that like I said has a lot of potential. Theres plenty of room for future expansion if they purchased the parking lot and moved it to the fairgrounds across the street. If CF could get their hands on SFMW and keep the animals, the park would hold it's on.

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