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Where should I go if I have 3-4 hours to go to a theme park in San Antonio?

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I am visiting San Antonio for work, and I have a very short window of free time. I'd love to go to either Sea World or Six Flags. I'll have only a few hours on Saturday evening, April 2nd. I won't be able to get into a park until 5pm at the earliest. They both say they close at 9pm- do they really kick you out at 9, or can you continue riding rides after that? My hotel is right across the street from Sea World, so that's a plus, but I don't care about any of the shows or animal attractions, just rides/coasters. Would it be worth it, or should I spend some of my short window of time traveling to Six Flags? Do you think the crowds will be horrible on a Saturday evening in April? I appreciate any advice you can give! Thank you!

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While SFFT is by far the superior park, in terms of Rides/attractions?

1) Your hotel is directly across from SWSA.
2) SW has what I think is the best Wooden Coaster in Texas, Texas Stingray.
3) SW has in total 4 Coasters (5 if you count the kiddie) and only 3 adult Flats + 2 water rides.    VERY easy to do in a few hours, if you only care about the rides, and purchase Quick Queue (you'll need it for Wave Breaker: Rescue Coaster - as that family coaster gets huge lines & Rio Loco - a very good rapids ride).
4) Seven Seas Food Festival starts tomorrow, and will be running when you're there next weekend. 

So EASY choice for me here. . . buy quick queue, buy a Seven Seas Lanyard, and eat and ride to your hearts content in those 4 hours.


^edit to add:  one of those 3 adult flats is the brand new Tidal Surge - the Tallest and Fastest Screamin Swing in the world. . . and it's pretty damn fun.

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Thank you so much @bert425. This is incredibly helpful and exactly what I was looking for. SW it is. Another question if you don't mind. Is it easy to take an Uber there? Will they drop you off close to the gate? I can't find it on the FAQs or with Google. TIA.

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I've never Ubered, since I drive from Austin. . but I'd assume they would be able to drive you from the Hotel up to the Main Parking Lot and drop off.

(The "main Gates" to the park are a bit away from the Parking Lot, but it's just a short walk).

Worst case?  they drop you at the Parking Lot Booths entrance, and you have to walk to the front gate from there. . . slightly longer, but still not bad.

Just be sure the Uber doesn't drop you off by the SeaWorld sign at the street. . you need to AT LEAST be at the Parking Lot Booths. . as the Parking Lot Booths are a good bit away from the main "street" entrance (by the SeaWorld sign).. and you'll be walking a good 25 minutes just to get to the front gates from the street.

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A couple years ago I was in practically the exact same boat - went to SA for work, hotel was right by Sea World, and needed to use Uber/Lyft. Only difference was I had a full day Saturday so I was able to squeeze both parks in. I agree with Bert - stick to Sea World. SFFT was fantastic but it's 15-20 minutes away (depending on traffic, which can be brutal at times in SA), and I needed a larger time window to enjoy it, and that was pre-Wonder Woman (I missed its opening weekend by one week - grr) and with re-rides on only Iron Rattler.

I was able to use Lyft to Sea World with no issues (they dropped me off practically right by the park entrance in the parking lot and managed to fit everything with multiple re-rides on my favorites into a roughly 3-4 hour window (pre-Sting Ray, but should still be doable). Follow Bert's advice to get the Quick Queue so you can make the most of the visit. You'll have a blast!

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