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Quick Trip to Six Flags Great America.

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So this past weekend I was able to take a quick trip out to Six Flags Great America to check out the new Max Force coaster. in a nutshell I really enjoyed this coaster. Yes...its not the longest coaster in the world, but it has one of the most intense launches I've ever experienced. it launches to about 80 mph in just two seconds.

The force of the launch kind of caught me unexpectedly. It's a fairly sudden launch unlike dragster or Kingda Ka where it's kind of an extended launch. The speed at which it takes the inversions is incredible. the inline twist was probably my favorite part besides the launch.

although the ride was opened it seemed as if they still had a lot of work to do on it, mostly cosmetic stuff though.


And for those asking flash pass is not available for this ride at any level.


On the day that I went, it was Coca-Cola day where you bring an empty Coke can in and you get early morning ERT on a handful of Rides. Within the hour of ert, I was able to grab...

2 rides on dark knight without getting off the ride.

1 ride on superman

3 rides on joker

2 rides on Batman without getting off the ride

2 rides on goliath

The park really made members feel welcome as well with lots of extras and double points.


Let's take a look at a few pictures from my trip.


I'm here today.


First stop of the day!


Here are some shots I took.













still got a little bit of work to do on the q's.



The park was decked out in 4th of July swag


Forlunch, I tried but lous beefsteak. Love using my dinning plan,



They even had pro wrestling.


People go crazy when it comes to free things.


not sure why they sell these, or who would buy one of these from a theme park?


Superman doing its thing.


Ended the night with some VIP seating for the fireworks show.


I love driving underneath the coaster on my way out.

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Nice report. Maxx Force looks like an awesome addition to the park, and I could name several other parks in the chain that could use an intense launched coaster like this.


It's also nice to see a big win at the hands of S&S.

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This ride is a HUGE win for S&S and I bet they get a few sales of this or similar models to other parks.


Even though it was delayed a little over a month in opening, it's still a win for S&S as this delay was mostly (if not entirely) due to weather (heavy snow, insane cold, raining pretty much every day in April)

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