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[RCT2] Timberwood Park

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The year is 1976, in time for the bicentennial. After the closing of Lake Lansing Amusement Park two years prior, folks wanted to have a new park for Michigan's capitol city. They got it when Ben Reed planned Timberwood Park located north of Lansing. It was already in the planning while Lake Lansing was still open. Timberwood would serve as a new destination for Michiganders to come to.


The creepy logo for Timberwood, circa 1976.


The park layout on opening day.


The gift shop and restaurant side by side with a breezeway between both buildings. The restaurant, Gary's Grub, serves burgers and fries.


Entry plaza.


Patriot is a wooden coaster that opened with the park. It is an out and back coaster. It was built by William Cobb.


Up the lift hill.


And down the first drop.


The second tallest hill on the ride is actually the third hill on the coaster.


Turning around to go back.


Many folks praise Patriot as an airtime machine and one of the best coasters in Michigan.


Over near Patriot is a small snack stand, aptly named Patriotic Snacks!


Some of the midway and its rides and attractions.


The other big ride at the park is the Arrow-built Wild Flume.


The Wild Flume has three drops. Just before the second drop, shown here, the log boats reverse and go down the drop backwards.


At the third drop it goes back forward before dropping. And it crisscrosses with the first drop, resulting in boats sometimes dueling.


Another look at Timberwood Park. Let me know what you think so far.

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New for 1977, Timberwood received an Enterprise from HUSS. Enterprise is the first addition to the park since opening. And now Timberwood has a popular thrill ride.


New for 1977, Enterprise


Patriot has become a popular coaster in the Lansing area.


A look at the Maze. An opening day attraction.


A boat on the log flume going down the first drop.


Another look at the entry plaza, which is bustling with people.


Here's the new ride Enterprise again.


Can't wait to see what Ben Reed will add to Timberwood Park next.

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1978 saw the addition of the Von Roll Chairlift. This takes guest from one side of the park to the other. Guests at the park loved the new ride. Also park owner Ben Reed announced an exciting new ride coming to the park for the 1979 season.


New for 1978, the Chairlift.


The other station.


A look at most of the Chairlift.


The Patriot roller coaster continues to be a favorite among guests.


A back entry was added to Gary's Grub for easier access to the Chairlift.


The Chairlift going over Wild Flume.


A look at the park as it expands. People cannot wait to see what the new ride will be next year.

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Looking good.


All I keep thinking when I see the Maze is Peeps thinking:


... I want to get off of Maze...


... I can't find the park exit...
(while stuck in the maze)


Maybe it's just me, but I SUCK at building mazes that don't trap my peeps in them for all eternity.

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Thanks for the feedback. I do appreciate it. Now back to the story...


At the end of the 1978 season, Timberwood owner Ben Reed announced the addition of a new roller coaster for the 1979 season. And the people of Lansing got it with PowerLoop, a Schwarzkopf shuttle looping coaster. Reed knew that looping steel coasters were all the rage in the coaster world as of recently, but couldn't afford a huge coaster at the moment. So he contacted Anton Schwarzkopf about getting one of his shuttle looping coasters. And guests at Timberwood enjoyed the new ride immediately.


New for the 1979 season, PowerLoop. A looping shuttle roller coaster.


The train going up the front spike.


The entire layout of the coaster. This brings Timberwood into the same arena as bigger parks. Rumors were swirling around another amusement park in Muskegon getting an Arrow corkscrew model that same year.


Also a new pizza place opened in front of PowerLoop.


The previous years' addition, the Chairlift, is a popular ride for those who love the view the park from above.


The entry plaza is bustling.


The original coaster, Patriot, is still very popular, despite the addition of PowerLoop.


Another look at PowerLoop and its station.


As we go into the 1980s, Timberwood continues to grow.

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A new decade has arrived and for the 1980 season, Timberwood Park received its first dark ride with Dungeon (in-game ride). Also last year's addition, PowerLoop, is still going strong.


New for 1980, Dungeon, Timberwood's first dark ride.


Patriot doing its thing.


Last year's addition, PowerLoop, is popular amongst thrill coaster riders.


Another look at Dungeon.


Compared to how the park looked when it opened almost five years ago, it has grown pretty well, with more growth in the future.

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As 1981 came in, Timberwood received a new ride in Flying Trapeze, a swing ride. Ben Reed also announced for the next couple of years would be the biggest expansions for the park to come after this year.


Flying Trapeze, the new ride for 1981.


The blue train on Patriot in the turnaround.


Last years addition, Dungeon, has been a popular ride.


PowerLoop, the last coaster added, has had steady ridership as well.


Flying Trapeze, as it fits with the rest of the midway.


The always popular Enterprise.


The growth of Tiberwood continues on.


Also 1981 introduced a new family-friendly logo for Timberwood. Far less creepy than the old one.

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As 1982 rolls around, Timberwood introduces the new 300 ft. tall Sky Deck by Von Roll, the makers of the Chairlift which opened back in 1978. As the tallest ride at the park, it gives guests the best views of the park. This was one of the big additions park owner Ben Reed announced the previous year. He later announced a new kind of coaster coming for the following year. People could not wait to see what it was, and waited in anticipation, but for now enjoyed the new Sky Deck.


1982 brings us Sky Deck.


Sky Deck at the top giving out the best views of the park.


Patriot continues to be a popular coaster.


PowerLoop doing its thing.


Some expansion going on near the Chairlift.


Another shot of Sky Deck, the latest ride.


Folks wait in anticipation to see what this "new kind of coaster" is as we look at the expansion work going on near the Chairlift in the back.

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Ben Reed finally announced the new coaster coming to Timberwood for the 1983 season. It would be a first of its kind in the US. The new coaster is called Blaze! and it's the US's first stand-up roller coaster. Built by Japanese company, TOGO, Blaze! contains one vertical loop and airtime hills. Guests at the park loved the new one-of-a-kind coaster at Timberwood.


Blaze!, the new coaster for the 1983 season.


Passing through the camera for a picture.


Near Blaze! is a new restaurant called Blazin' Treats.


Last year's addition, Sky Deck, is going strong.


Blaze! in all of its glory.


People are enjoying the new rides at Timberwood.

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1984 saw the addition of another thrill ride in Crazy Psylo. It spins around and tilts while leaving the riders stuck to the outside wall as it spins very fast and tilts. Plus the slats that the riders lay on goes up and down. The centrifugal force keeps then to the slat as the ride spins. People flocked to the new ride for the new season at Timberwood.


1984 saw the addition of Crazy Psylo.


Last year's addition, Blaze!, is going plenty strong.


Still very popular is PowerLoop, Timberwood's original looping machine.


Also still popular is the park's original roller coaster, Patriot, which is an airtime machine!


The log flume continues to get steady riders.


Let's look at the park's carousel, another opening day attraction.


Timberwood continues to grow!

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As 1985 rolls around just in time for the tenth anniversary of the park, Timberwood receives a Sellner Tilt-A-Whirl. Ben Reed, park owner, also announces that the Maze, an opening day attraction, would be demolished at the end of the season to make room for a huge addition to the park.


New for 1985, a carnival/amusement park classic, the Tilt-A-Whirl.


Riders line up for a ride on Blaze!, the stand-up roller coaster.


Last year's addition, Crazy Psylo, is spotty at best with riders.


PowerLoop, on the other hand, continues to receive steady ridership.


You have one last time to go through the Maze before it's gone for good.


The Chairlift continues to be a popular way to get to the other side of the park.


Of course, Patriot is always popular with guests.


Guests cannot wait to see what will be taking the Maze's place next year.

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New for 1986 is the new Kidway Midway, the kid's section of Timberwood, replacing the Maze which closed the previous year. It only has two rides so far, the Junior Swings, which is a smaller version of the larger Flying Trapeze, and the Ladybug Coaster, a small Zierer Tivioli coaster. Let's take a look!


1986 brings us the new Kidway Midway!


Last year's addition, the Tilt-A-Whirl, is a crazy ride.


Crazy Psylo is also pretty popular now!


Patriot continues to be a popular coaster that everyone loves.


One of the Kidway Midway rides, The Ladybug coaster, gets young riders ready for bigger coasters like Patriot, Blaze!, and PowerLoop.


Also we have the Junior Swings, a smaller version of the Flying Trapeze, and a new concessions called Kidway Treats.


Guests wonder what will Ben Reed add to Timberwood next.

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New year is here and for 1987 Timberwood gets a swinging ship by the name of Pharaoh's Fury from Chance. Yet another in a long line of thrills to come to the park. Speaking of thrills, Ben Reed announced that coming next year is another big investment in the park. Everyone waited in anticipation, but for now let's look at the new ride and some other updates.


1987 gives us Pharaoh's Fury.


Ladybug, the kiddie coaster, is popular with families who have small ones starting out on coasters.


Another trainload of riders on Patriot.


This area is subject to expansion.


Another look at Pharaoh's Fury.


What could be in store for the 1988 season? Stay tuned!

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Ben Reed announced at the end of the 1987 season that the next year will bring Timberwood's next roller coaster: Black Cobra. An Arrow Dynamics multi-looping coaster with two vertical loops and a double corkscrew. It will have the most inversions on any coaster in the park, guaranteed to be a hit with park goers.


1988 brings us Black Cobra, a 4-inversion coaster for only the bravest riders.


Going through the corkscrews.


Expanded walkways with plenty of room for future rides.


Walkways were added to Kidway Midway, as well, making room for future rides in that area.


The complete layout of Black Cobra.


In spite of Black Cobra now enticing riders, Patriot remains a favorite with guests.


Folks also continue to ride the original Timberwood looping machine, PowerLoop.


Blaze! is also still popular with guests.


Another train on Black Cobra going up the lift.


The pathways leading to Black Cobra.


With Black Cobra now a part of Timberwood, folks are anticipating what they will do next

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It's now 1989, and Timberwood continues to grow with the addition of Pendulum. It swings you on two arms upside down. With this ride, the park has a great selection of thrill rides as well as coasters. Speaking of coasters, Ben Reed has teased that the next coaster they install will be a big one. It won't come for a while, but Michiganders will be pleased when it does. He has stated that a new water ride would be coming next year, but didn't say what it was. Let look in on the 1989 season at Timberwood.


New for 1989 is Pendulum.


Black Cobra, last year's addition, going up the lift hill.


With the addition of Pendulum, Sky Deck has some much-needed company.


Kidway Midway will be getting some new rides in the future, as well.


Another trainload going up Patriot's lift hill.


Black Cobra going through the Photo Op section between the vertical loops.


It's amazing how much Timberwood has grown since its opening back in 1976.

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As Timberwood Park enters the 1990s, we get a new water ride in the form of Thunder Rapids. An Intamin rapid ride which actually goes through Timber Lake, finally utilizing that portion of the property. Also announced was that Ben Reed would be retiring in a few years, but his sons, Ben, Jr., Michael, and Landon, were primed to take over the family business. But Ben promised big additions before he was to step down, ending his tenure with the largest coaster to ever be added to the park in a few years, but there are other rides ahead of that. For now, let's take a look at the newest addition to the park.


1990 brings us Thunder Rapids.


You WILL get wet on this ride!


There's even a tunnel where you will get drenched in the dark.


The complete layout.


The blue train on Patriot turning around to head back to the station, but not before a series of airtime hills.


PowerLoop is still going strong. Even in the shadows of coasters like Blaze! and Black Cobra.


After all this time, the gift shop and Gary's Grub are still popular places to get souvenirs and something to eat.


The original midway, still bustling.


Another look at Thunder Rapids. Here's the portion that goes through Timber Lake.


Thunder Rapids is the first of many rides to be added as part of Ben Reed's multi-year farewell event.

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1991 has arrived and for the new season at Timberwood, the park receives a new train ride called Timber Express. A Chance train ride, there are three trains that will shuttle folks from one side of the park to the other. Now the Chairlift isn't the only way to get to get to different sides of the park. As Ben Reed finishes his time at Timberwood before his retirement, Timber Express is the next ride he is offering before his exit.


1991 gives us Timber Express.


Rolling along the track.


All of the trains come in different colors: Red, Blue, and Green.


One of the two stations.


Pendulum is a hit with guests.


Black Cobra going down the first drop just before the vertical loops.


Wild Flume continues to be a popular ride with folks.


Another water ride, last years Thunder Rapids, is also pretty successful.


As Ben Reeds farewell continues, folks wait to see what he'll add next.

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We've come to 1992 and as Ben Reed's farewell continues, we get probably the smallest addition as part of this event with the Kidway Karousel. Another Chance carousel for the Kidway Midway so now Timberwood has two. Ben Reed did announce that the next year would be his last and as promised, he was adding the largest coaster in the history of the park as his parting gift. Folks waited in anticipation to see what he would add. For now, let's look in on Timberwood's newest addition.


New for 1992 is the Kidway Karousel, giving Kidway Midway a much-needed new ride.


Folks continue to line up for Patriot.


PowerLoop, however, has dwindled in popularity.


Black Cobra's ridership is spotty at best.


As Ben Reed comes in on the home stretch, folks wait eagerly to see what the new coaster is for next year.

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1993 has come. And it is Ben Reed's final year as owner of Timberwood Park. Although he's retiring from day to day operations of the park, he will remain on the Board of Directors for a while longer. His three sons would now take over operating the park after this year.



And as promised, Ben is going out with a bang with the newest coaster at the park. Announcing Colossal Air from Arrow Dynamics. A custom-made hyper coaster that reaches over 200 feet in the air, not only making it the tallest and longest coaster in the park, but also the tallest and longest coaster in the state of Michigan. As Ben Reed, founder of Timberwood, closes out his final season at the park, let's look at the new ride.


New for 1993 is Timberwood's tallest and largest coaster, Colossal Air!


Here's the funky turnaround on the coaster.


There's plenty of airtime to be found on this coaster, hence the name Colossal Air.


Heading for the helix-filled finale. But not before a picture for the camera.


People are already lining up for the newest addition at the park.


A good chunk of Colossal Air.


In spite of the addition of Colossal Air, the park's original airtime machine, Patriot, is still popular with the guests.


Also popular is the kiddie coaster, Ladybug.


Ridership on PowerLoop is up and down at best.


Black Cobra, on the other hand, is mostly down due to roughness.


A lot of people are fans of Colossal Air. The line is almost spilling out into the midway.


Ben Reed went out with a bang all right. Colossal Air is a hit with guests.

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A new year for Timberwood Park, and a new era has begun as Ben Reed's sons, Ben, Jr., Michael, and Landon has taken the reigns of the park and is ready to bring it into the new Millennium. As part of going forward, they look to the past for a brief period as the new addition to Kidway Midway is the Mini Maze. While not as vast or long as the original, guests were glad that the maze was back to some degree. Also new this year is Colossal Eats, which has opened right next to last year's addition, Colossal Air. Let's look in on the Reed Brothers' first season.


New for 1994, in Kidway Midway, the Mini Maze. Kind of a tribute to the original from 1976.


Last year's addition, Colossal Air, is still going very strong.


Also new for 1994 is Colossal Eats, which is right next to Colossal Air.


And for the first time, Patriot's ridership, while still steady, has dwindled.


Pendulum still has quite a few riders, though.


Another train about to climb the lift on Colossal Air.


Folks can't wait to see how the Reed Brothers do in place of their father.

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1995 came quickly and the Reed brothers were in their second year as amusement park owners, and the 20th year of the park being open. They finally offered a proper flat ride with The Hammer, a HUSS Top Spin. The Hammer spun folks upside down as it went around back and forth. Also the three brothers announced for the next year a new coaster was on the way, but they would announce what it would be near the end of the season. Let's look in on Timberwood for its 20th season being open.


New for 1995 is The Hammer.


Colossal Air continues to be a hit with park goers.


Blaze! is also still popular, despite being one of the older coasters at the park.


One of the trains on Timber Express. It has become a great way to get from one side of the park to another.


The log flume is still a popular ride with folks.


Black Cobra, not so much.


Ridership on PowerLoop has also declined sharply.


Folks hope that the next coaster installation is a good one.

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1996 brought Timberwood Park its newest roller coaster. Coyote is brought to us by Custom Coasters International, and it is the park's second wooden roller coaster after Patriot. Coyote is a mix of an out-and-back with a twister layout, making for a real fun and intense coaster. Also opening near Coyote is the Coyote Canteen for burgers and fries. The Reed Brothers were doing a good job following in their father's footsteps.


New for 1996, Coyote.


Going over one of the airtime hills.


Going through one of the many helixes in this ride.


People are already lining up for this new and exciting ride.


Coyote's full layout.


PowerLoop, despite having fewer riders, is still hanging in there. Rumors are swirling about its days being numbered at the park, however.


The park's original woodie, Patriot, still delivering the fun rides.


Black Cobra's ridership has picked up marginally.


Guests at Timberwood agree that Coyote is a hit out the gate.


And, as part of the new era at Timberwood Park, a new updated logo for the park made its debut this year.

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1997 brings us Magic Carpet. This ride is similar to the Falling Star rides except folks face each other in their seats. Last year's addition, Coyote, continues to be a popular wooden coaster as well. Ben Reed, Jr. and his brothers Michael and Landon are doing big business for Timberwood. Folks wonder what they will add next.


Magic Carpet, the new ride for 1997.


Coyote, last year's addition, continues to thrill.


Patriot, the park's original coaster, also continues to thrill riders.


Wild Flume is still a popular ride as folks need a way to cool off from the summer heat.


The hype for Colossal Air has died down a bit.


Colossal Air's train heading down the first drop.


Also still popular is the kiddie coaster, Ladybug.


Folks wait to see what the Reed Brothers will add next!

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