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[PLC] "Walk on the wild side" Themepark Project [#001]

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Hi there,


About 4 months ago I bought our self a new PC with one reason in mind. The ability to play and start building in Planet Coaster.

And so I started with this first attempt that now is far enough to show the world. It is still work in progress so there are empty eras that will be filled project by project.


The park is called "Walk on the wild side" and it will contain mostly rides, coasters and landscape. To build theming is a step to far at this point. I'm struggling with the controls still at the moment. The first attempts to build coaster station buildings is promising but not the wow effect yet.


So let's go with the flow. Here some pictures of the park at this point of history.



The Swing mill to entertain the kids.



Yes, there is a Merry go round.



A Balloon ride.



Octopus by night



The Circus Loop



The spectacular "Cube"



A overview of the flat ride section of the park


The first coaster operational at the park was the "Walk on the Wild side" coaster. It's an own design and I used the freedom to not copy in the specific elements of a RMC coaster. It only has the looks. The Coaster touches very high vertical and lateral G's (from 6.5 to 3.5) Negative is a nice 1.12 Unless that the ride is popular beyond my expectations. "Walk on the wild side" contains 3 inversions wich I have 2 inversions I don't can categorize to be honest.


Anyway pictures say more so here they come.



"Walk on the wild side" coaster



The station



The brake-run



Redstone mountains and waterfalls



More Redstone mountains and Waterfalls


To finish off here a pov of the coaster with the blueprint link you can find in the comment




Thanks for your attention and your feedback will be appreciated

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Hi there!


As you could see on the horizons of the park pictures and Wotws POV there is more than only the RMC coaster and flat rides allready shown.

The second coaster of the park is the GCI type in Planet Coaster. One of the 2 Wooden coasters available. It has no typical GCI layout or trademarks except for the track type and train. This is also an own designed layout. No inversions for this coaster. It's located also in the Redstone Mountian area of the park.


Here the POV and pictures of the 2nd coaster called "Boulderdash" Enjoy the ride!!!






Area view of Wotws and Boulderdash



New flatride added to Boulderdash is the Topspin "Overload"



A shops building across the street of "Overload"









Water effect on the Boulderdash coaster



The Station



Bird eye view


Thanks for your time. any feedback will be appreciated

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi there all. It is time for update number 3.


The "Walk on the wild side" Theme park announces a brand new ride for the new season. It presents "Iron Stomach"

It is the 3 coaster of the park. A Geslauer model Eurofighter. Layout for this coaster is by myself. It contain the typical

over 90 degrees drop element and 5 inversions in a fast ride. I kept out any midcourse brakes to keep the speed in the ride.


It's the first coaster outside of the Redstone area of the park and is located in rough rocky green middle of the park.

Please find the short video of the ride below.





The specs:




Some pictures of the new marble of the park.














Thanks again for you're time! More will come soon

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  • 2 weeks later...

Update number 4:


After working on the landscaping around the coasters it's time to arrange some transportation trough the park. I finished of the 1st quarter of the railway "Iron Horse".

I did shoot a short clip to give you all an idea and a different view of the Redstone area.





Now it is time to think of the less brave or just smaller souls in the park. There has to be a kiddie coaster to recommend all ages in the park.

I can try to make a big story out of it but, it is still a kiddie. So I designed a small but fast kiddie coaster named "Dragon Fury". It is themed

as a dragon hole and some special effects.


Here you find the onride:





And here you can scroll down some pictures
















Thanks for your attention!

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  • 1 month later...

Hi there, I have been working on a promo clip for the park and want to share the result.

I made this clip to give a view of the work done so far and to give a glimp of the future rides that I working on at the moment. The rapid river ride and the T-rex tracked coaster named Predator.


Enjoy your visit



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Hi there all.


Here a photo update of the "Walk on the wild side" Themepark.


First I started with a Rapid River. I extended the railroad and relocated the station for the Old West area.



Added some prehistoric scalleton.



Now known the route of the River Rapid we add a big Coaster over it.



The coaster will be called "Predator". It is a multi inversion T-rex track RMC Coaster.



The first shops are added to the new area.



The Rapid River has a station building



More shops will fill the village.







Total view of the new themed area (still work in progress)



So this is the status at this very moment. Hope to have some time to work on the project around the holidays and bring some more updates soon.

Thanks for your time and any feedback is welcome.

Edited by Supernovae
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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks Thrillseeker4552


The holidays are over so I spend more time building last days and can now reveal the first part of the "rolling River" site. This ride starts from the station building right in to a small western village street. First you will pass the "Jail"and "Sheriff"station where an explosion will occur near the "jail" what will release the bandits kept held in capture in there.






Then the bandits needed some money to survive and keep on foot.








The rest of the story is to made up still, but the first start is made to this new part of the park.

Now I leave you with the best pictures I have shot of this new part of the park.




















Thanks again for your time and attention.

Any comment will be appreciated

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks mwoods244,


Time is the most biggest enemy at the moment and the work I have to do on the new area of the park is enormous. For the moment I can show the first part of the Rollin River is sort of finished. Animatronics will be added to front of the tunnel and the small things as crates and barrels need to be put in place still.



Oke here you see the bandit on the left on the rope bridge tower firing a shot.



The fool hits the water tower and indirectly effect the passengers in the raft.



I added a Saloon.



View from tunnel entry side back to station.



At the right side of the tunnel entrance I added the ACME store what will make the village at this side of the Rollin River complete.


So that's about it for this week.

Thanks for your time.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi there TPR-ers. Finaly it is time to present the new ride of "Walk on the wild side" Themepark.

The Rolling River has been opened for the public.


Please find onride below











Next project: The RMC Coaster "Predator"

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you Crumpy


Sunday I got the most of the raw landscaping done. I created the second scaleton and put in the railroad in to the landscape. Not yet added the nature and waterfalls so the situation around the "Predator" coaster is still work in progres.










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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello TPR


Last couple of days I have done a lot of time consuming work around the "Predator" area.

For the Iron Horse Railway I added a station. Only the last decorations needs to be add to it.

Also the Predator Coaster got it's own station building ready now.

To the right side of the coaster I'm working on a lava trench and a 4th skeleton in pulled uit of the ground.



I think to be over the 50% point of finishing off this project area. Most time consuming work has been done now.

Now 'it's only to bring in the nature and make some small additional buildings, a little rope bridge and finish up the Railway trough the Redstone Mountains. There will be an arena / staduim added in the area.


Anyway. Here are the pics:



Overview left side of the area.



view from the Rolling River side



Sunset on the Camel back



210 ft Loop



First inversion after the midcourse brake.



Another inversion has been put in making it a 6 inversion coaster.



The last turn



End brakes,



Entrance Predator station.



Station of Predator



From another side


I now estimate Predator will be completed in about 2 or 3 weeks now.

Thanks all for your time and attention.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello TPR


Another update of the work done so far.


First I like to show you the pre-view I made of the "Predator Coaster" area that is comming closer to the finishing point. I guess it will take another 1 and a half week work still to be done. This time we take the "Iron Horse" Railway that takes you straight trough the area that is still WIP. Enjoy





Here you find some pictures of the area



"The Octopus Rodeo Arena" is ready and open for public.



My attempt to create a "lava trench".



Put in some effect.



side view of the "Octopus Rodeo Arena"



to finish of, a night shot giving an overview of the horizon of the "Predator" area


Hope you like it so far. See you at the next update

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  • 2 weeks later...

So I finally made the discission to put an end to the project.


After 4 months of working with dirt and bending steel, working with lava and creating mountains it has been enough.

At some point you have to decide that "Predator" has been finished and ready to present to the public. I seriously could go on in this landscape for a full month to get it better. everytime time something new is coming up in mind.


So here it is. 2476 meters of smooth RMC box track. Every inch is took well care of and the ride is very atractive if I say my self. "Predator" has 6 inversions (just check the smoothness of the last one). The ride is divided by a midcourse brake section to let it operate with 3 trains. The first part of the ride is high, fast and big inversions. The second part is low to ground, divers scenery, high speed turns and inversions.


Please find the moving pictures and full offride and onride of "Predator" here below





Here you find the statistics.




Honestly, I never have seen those nice rating before.




In the park I updated the Train station with a switch track. I came up with below solution.







And here two photo's of the last modifications on the "Predator" area.






Hope to have been serving to your entertainment en inspiration.

Now it's time to create a good idea about the next new project for the "Walk on the wild side" Resort.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So guess what happened. Just a couple of days after presenting "Predator" Frontier came with the bug fix that would return the landscape to the status it was before the release of the Studio pack. So here again I made a new POV of "Predator" day time / night time after the bug fix.


Enjoy the ride!!!



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Thank you Crumpy


Hi there all!


Since I desided to take a break for a month of building on the "Walk on the wild side" Themepark. I had some hours left to create a Promotion video for the new season of the park.

See "Walk on the wild side" Themepark comes alive in this pretty awesome promo I have made.


All Steam blueprints are available in the discription of the video. Enjoy jour visit at "Walk on the wild side" Themepark!




See you all in a back after my holiday and study break

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  • 1 month later...

After a month of holiday, rest and a new function at the company slowly started building again at the WOTWS Themepark.

The map is now about 25% filled with pure action and thrills. So I decide to finish up the park for a first 1/4th ready steam workshop download. Before I can do that “WOTWS” themepark needs a decent entrance building and area. I’m in doubt still if I will add the Hotel function to the park as I do not know the impact on the park operations yet. I decided to make sure the Hotel units can be added to the buildings later.


Here the pictures of the progres so far.




Overview of the entrance area so far.



Fronview of the entrance railway station



Fronview of the entrance railway station by night.



Station View from platform side.



Station View from platform side by night.



Railway station Platform A



Que area inside



Que area inside



Status at this moment


Thanks to all for your time and attention!

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Well, the 2nd fase of the station is now about done. Here some pictures of the progres so far.



Entrance area by day.



Entrance area by night.



Station front (east part)



Station front (east part) by night.



Station platform



Station Platform by night



Station backside east



Station backside east (by night)


Here some other buildings from the late past.



West station (Predator area) by night.



Backside of West station by night.


End I wil leave you tonight, with a hand of random park pictures.











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  • 1 month later...

Less and less time to build since summer arrived here in Holland. But step by step the project is growing bigger.


I have let run the park ingame for a couple of game years to boost up everything on management level so all shops are staffed again. All rides had there refurbishment and newly programmed that lifted up the popularity on a positive way. Waiting lines are full again.


In the meantime I did finished the front and backside of the Rail station at the entrance side. Also started on the left side of the building. Here some pictures of the situation now.








And then came the Vintage DLC. A good DLC with nice building pieces and the Flying Turns wooden bobsled coaster. So I started to experiment with that. Well the experiment went pretty well and will stay in the park.














For the entrance I still need some inspiration so I will leave that area for this moment. First project now of focus is the “Flying Turns”. So soon I’ll be able to present the 6th coaster of “Walk on the wild side” Themepark.


See you all next time.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The new jewel of the park is ready to open for the public. The in "Vintage style" created wooden bobsled coaster named "Flying Turns" (how original )


Here the moving images of the already 6th coaster of the "Walk on the wild side" Themepark.






Here some still images of the new ride area.












Thanks again for your attention and see you all at the next update

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  • 1 month later...

Hi there all!


After a well deserved summer holiday the normal cycle kicks back in. So sloyly picked up the project. The vintage area will transformed to a pier. A "Wild Mouse" coaster will be added to the pier side. Some flatrides will added later to this area.


The situation at the moment in pictures:



Boulevard side of the Vintage Pier.



Boulevard street view.



From the other angle.



The station of "Wild Mouse"



After some more progress.



Some more area shots.




Thanks for your attention. See you back soon!

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