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My New RCT3 Park Idea Thread!

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My new RCT3 park is now out! Now something new might come out soon...


yes. The park WILL start with Custom Scenery unlike Lake Shernview


This is the trickiest park for me yet. The entrance is still being built.



(By the way: check out my parks shown in my signature!)

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Leaked Information on my new park!


Park name: Mirai-tekina World


Location: Japan



Welcome! The parking lot is open. But the park is not!


Fancy Restaurant (decorating it now.)


An Arrow roller coaster: Fire Falcon! (yes I know the canopy looks like crap.)


Thoughts? Feel free to suggest anything (including CS) to improve this

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Search your system for options.txt, and delete the one that's not in the folder your RCT3 is installed in (should be in something like AppData). This will slick your saved settings (not your parks; just the settings), but it will return the graphics to the default, and should let you boot the game again.

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Mirai-tekina World Update! May 9th




Who ordered the Schwarzkopf?

The name is Power Surge


My favorite photo so far


Proof that you're in Japan: Catwalks everywhere


Wow! What's this?

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