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[RCT2] Mechanical Park

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I would focus on adding detail to your path, currently it seems like an afterthought. Always use double wide path, at the least, and try to add fences or some scenery around it. The rides look cool though, the double B&M coaster is interesting.

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The rides look really good, however, I don't like how all the shops/ stalls are right on top of each other. It will be a disaster area once the grows and becomes really big. For scenery, I understand how finding scenery objects are for a park like this so I would try dead trees or maybe add topography features like craters or mountains.

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I like the first screen, the building is nice. See if you can work with the foliage though, right now the rocky ground just looks bare. I would refrain from using normal trees and such though, as they would look out of place, experiment, maybe you'll come up with something great.

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Mechanical Park was founded and built in 1950. What came of this was no more than a giant landmass. This landmass was said to have been uninhabited for more than a decade, for unknown reasons.






In 1950, upon buying the park, the first ride the owner had put in was a Launched Freefall. The reason for it being such a tall ride, was that he wanted to be able to have this park visible to many across the cities. When testing the ride, it came across at a maximum speed of 72 mph!



In just one year, there has been 6 new additions:

First Aid Room


Information Kiosk

Burger Bar

Drink Stall

Fries Stall





Nothing spectacular happened for the year 1952. It was rather slow as the owner

thought up a plan to increase popularity. For 1953, the first roller coaster is introduced

into the park!




A gift shop was built in the mean time while the owner decided the next big step in this

park. Currently he is having trouble attracting guests to the park.




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