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  1. I hate to bump this thread back up, but does anyone by chance still have this park for DL somewhere? Looks like luna's site is no more and has a robot.txt so it can't be retrieved by archive. Thanks!
  2. Mechanical Park was founded and built in 1950. What came of this was no more than a giant landmass. This landmass was said to have been uninhabited for more than a decade, for unknown reasons.   SCR1.BMP 1950-1951 In 1950, upon buying the park, the first ride the owner had put in was a Launched Freefall. The reason for it being such a tall ride, was that he wanted to be able to have this park visible to many across the cities. When testing the ride, it came across at a maximum speed of 72 mph! SCR2.BMP 1951 In just one year, there has been 6 new additions: First Aid Room Restroom Information Kiosk Burger Bar Drink Stall Fries Stall SCR3.BMP SCR4.BMP SCR5.BMP 1951-1953 Nothing spectacular happened for the year 1952. It was rather slow as the owner thought up a plan to increase popularity. For 1953, the first roller coaster is introduced into the park! SCR8.BMP SCR6.BMP 1953-1955 A gift shop was built in the mean time while the owner decided the next big step in this park. Currently he is having trouble attracting guests to the park. SCR7.BMP SCR10.BMP Overview
  3. Hey guys! I've decided to re-do the entire Mechanical Park. Not having those "dead trees" really hurt and I was quickly becoming bored of it. I'm going to attempt my first story with it as well.
  4. Did you also delete the original imported ride file?
  5. A few edits/additions to the park. Thoughts on the waterfall, too much? SCR20.BMP A Cafeteria was built! SCR21.BMP Cleaned up the Shops/Stalls area SCR22.BMP New section of the park. Thoughts?
  6. The only custom-scenario that I actually created and finished. SCR4.BMP Overview of the Park SCR9.BMP Metro Boomin Coaster (Orange) SCR17.BMP SCR18.BMP SCR19.BMP
  7. I'm working on redoing the stalls. The scenery I'm working with is abstract, water features, and mechanical.
  8. A few updates. SCR1.BMP A bit of scenery was added SCR2.BMP New Coaster across the river SCR3.BMP Indoor Go-Karts
  9. It's hard to see, but my paths all have Steel Fencing.
  10. Hello! I am working on a Mechanical Park (yes, that's the name because I haven't seen any others online). Work In Progress so far, but I am having difficulty choosing which scenery (trees) I should go for the empty spaces in the front of the park. Open to criticism! SCR5.BMP SCR6.BMP Overview of the Park SCR7.BMP SCR8.BMP
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