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B&M Rail Model 1/16

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My model of the B&M inverted coaster OzIris, located near Paris in Parc Astérix.


Size: 1/16 (37 cm)

Made of: Clay, paper, plaster, wood...

Support with Leds


I wanted to make it as realistic as possible... so all comments or suggestions are welcomed to try to improve my next model (Intamin Rails).

Thanks for watching !

















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I LOVE these models. They look so amazing. So realistic, and so well thought out. You are doing a great job!! You should so sell these on Amazon or eBay. I know I would buy one. I would still LOVE to see a Top Thrill Dragster one!!! Keep up the good work.

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Thanks !

For the moment I have no idea how to do the Intamin rail model, but I agree that a heartline roll would be very nice!

But it would be very difficult to do curves... (I spent a lot of time on the last model to do this)

It may be easier to make it smaller... So I'll see !

Ahah I think that I will not sell them because I spent a lot of time on it, but maybe next time !

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