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YouTube POVs & OFf-Ride Vids?

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Sorry if this doesn't warrant a full blown thread. I was just wondering if anyone specifically had a reason why they watch YouTube vids and POVs of various rides.


Personally, I'll mainly watch POVs & off-rides of new rides, or of stuff at parks I'm going to soon, but occasionally, when I'm bored, i just type in a random coaster or flat's name into YouTube and sort of follow the links in the side bar for no real reason.


Oh, and of course, if I just wanna watch a plain old good video, that'll be sure to make me , i just head on over to TPR's channel!


So, what are your thoughts?

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I can't afford to go to all of the places I want to go to right now, so I like to watch the videos as a way of "taking a vacation" through my computer browser.


I also like to watch park walkthroughs at work too. Helps me keep a pleasant state of mind.


I watch them to plan for things that I want to go to as well.

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^I can relate to that for sure. Find sometimes, if a POV is shot properly, and a ride is good, you can almost "feel the airtime".


^^I also really like the park walkthroughs. Really gives a sense of what vibes a park gives off. I also find it helps to give a sense of how the park's layed out, and what rides to hit first... Those cartoony park maps don't always do justice lol.

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