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Expedition Everest Recreation - No Limits 2

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This is absolutely amazing, I stumbled upon this online the other day and it really looks like they have gone ALL out and recreated the whole experience! I wanted to share some photos with you all because I KNOW you would appreciate it!


From what I hear they will release it coming early next month for Everest's Anniversary.


I recently reached out to the team of recreators - some of the features in this bad boy:


Full night mode with accurate color matching for the night show scene

All 3D objects are present to fullfill the ride's experience

Cued sounds



Modeled trains to match orginals..


But the best part is when they mentioned that they were going to have an ANIMATED * A Mode * Yeti INSIDE the mountain!!!


Isn't that just awesome!?


All of this is possible with No Limits 2 I guess..

They even have some sneak peak video trailers on their Facebook.

Here are some shots they have on their facebook!!


Questions - Comments?


Front of the mountain at night.


Side of mountain showcasing the Shrine, and Anandapur Railroad apexing the lift.


Top of the mountain during the night.

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I must say, this is by far the best looking recreation on NoLimits 2 yet!!! The textures look amazing, the fog, and I really hope the Yeti works at the end. hehe.

I'm in their drawing right now on Facebook to win a Free Professional version of NoLimits2. I could really use it to password my parks, not that I need to, since mine doesn't look near as good as this one.



where the drawing is being held!

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