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The Absolutely Yes&No Thread

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Top Posters In This Topic

Absolutely Yes- Roller Coasters, Golf, RMC, Montu, Busch Gardens, SfGam, Goliath, RCT2, Mexican Food, Forza Motorsport, Chipotle, UK Top Gear, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Carrabba's.

Absolutely No- most modern pop music, unintelligent CP fanboys (not that all CP fanboys are), Gwazi, Gran Turismo 5, Qdoba, USA Top Gear.

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ABSOLUTELY YES - Roller Coasters (of course), Intamins, B&M's, Blender (the 3d software... not the "will it blend" one), RCT series, chocolate, Wendy's, Coaster Dynamix, Fountains (I have one small water fountain on my desk... It's good to relax), Ice Cream, etc.

ABSOLUTELY NO - Justin Bieber (happily he's now in US, it isn't Canada's problem anymore), annoying peoples at school, english class at school (bad grades) and math class (boring), annoying and non-funny memes on Facebook, not-funny Vines, etc.

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