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Geboldi Wild Safari |RCT2|

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^WOW! That's one of the best comments ever! Thanks!


There is some major construction going on at The Oceans site:




We were wrong, that's just the basement.


Wow, look at the detail being put in, The tanks will actually be carvend into the walls.



Whoa.... That spherical building is the IMAX AquaXperience, the only one of its kind.



There you can see a few tanks already filled!


Stay Tuned!

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The park has officially announced there new family coaster, Project Atlantis!


"Project Atlantis will be one of the most unique rides at the park. Guests will board "submarines" and travel over and arounde The Oceans."


The coaster is being manufactured by Vekoma and the trains are being shipped in from a now defunctional coaster in Houston. They will be repainted and rethemed onsite.


Here are the latest construction pics:



See the tanks everybody!?!



Wow, the walls are already going up! It doesn't look like it will be that tall, probably due to the massive basement.



Quick construction!



Project Atlantis



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First, thats an arrow (not that big of a deal though). Seccond, I don't really like it. It's kind of ugly, and seems out of place. If it did more weaving, and had LOTS of theming, it would be much better. Your park is spectacular though

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The park has released a rather dissapointing announcement:


"We have com to the conclusion that Project Atlantis will not open due to poor mechanical features and other technical features. We also received results showing that the ride would have been extremely rough and uncomfortable. Demolition of the ride has already begun. For the time being, we are planning to bring back a classic attraction to the area of the coaster."




These are the people so far that are getting the park a week early:

- Zaneymon

- Coasterfreak101

- DATman

Tell me if you want it a WEEK early.


Also, here is just a sample of the bonus features you will get with the ^ early version.


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Any takers???


I'm finishing up as we speak on the park. Just sprucing a couple areas up. Nothing major.


Here is what you will get with the early version.

- Shots of the park back when it started.

- The actual scenario (just the land)

- Tons of "fun-facts"

- Possible next season plans for the park

- Ride List

- Section Breakdown

- Summary of the park


Here is what you get with the regular version on the 25th.

- Ride List

- Section Breakdown

- Summary of the park

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I have just decided, since TPR is so awesome, that everybody here gets it on the 18th. With ALL the bonus material. I figured, it's all ready, why not send it out to the world early!


And as soon as the 25th rolls by, I'll start adding things once more to the park. Like I said yesterday, the next major attraction will be a massive guessing game!

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YAY! Can we get like, one clue word. Then we guess till the 24th or whenever you release the info? This is gonna rock!


Just an idea, in whatever are the next attraction is coming in, you should put like a teaser sign about it. That way, only peeps who go into the whole park can find the clue! Kinda like a scavenger hunt!!!


Not to, ya know, take over Just an idea!!!

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^ Sure, I have left one clue in the park on next year's attraction. It's pretty obvious IMO.


For something new, every so often, I will display a couple of rumors. Only one will be true. It will be your job to guess which one!


Here are the rumors!


(A) "I heard the park is taking out Jurassica Falls for a new water coaster! It will be the tallest of it's kind (like Jurassica Falls) and will have two seperate splashdowns."


(B) "One of my co-workers overheard a park rep talking with the assistant manager of removing Egyptian Island! They said they might relocate it."


© "The park is adding a new five star hotel to the site adjacent to MYSTIC. It will occupy most of the Forgotten Depths area."


Which one will happen?

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