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If I had a time machine...


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This is simple, If you can just go back in time to either change history (in theme parks) or to experience something that you wish you did before it was too late.


Here's what I would do if I could go back in time


1. Cedar Point would have built Gatekeeper around Space Spiral instead of scrapping Space Spiral.


2. I would have made Darien Lake give Viper a fresh coat of lime green paint for the track instead of repainting it black.


3. Darien Lake would have built Motocoaster in Galaxy Theater instead of in the campground pools.


4. Darien Lake would have moved the BMX Motocross kiddie ride to Beaver Brothers Bay where the kiddie hand carts where instead of moving to Eiltch Gardens.


5. I would have made Darien Lake move Scrambler into where Raging Seas instead of putting Blast Off there.


6. I would have made Six Flags renew the Tony Hawk license.


7. Islands of Adventure would still have Dueling Dragons running both coasters at the same time.


8. I would have made SFNE send Catapult to another park instead of the scrapyard.


9. I would have made SFDK send Zonga to Martin's Fantasy Island instead of some Mexican theme park.


10. Six Flags Astroworld's Ultra Twister would be sent to Cedar Point.


11. The Batman coaster from Six Flags Astroworld would have been sent to Darien Lake ready to be reinstalled there.


12. I would have made SFMM close down Thomas Town and get rid of the train ride and rename the kiddie coaster back to "Goliath Jr." instead of renaming it Whistlestop Park.


13. I would have made Kennywood not reprofile Steel Phantom.

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I'd recommend changing the title to something like "If you could change the past..." instead of "If I had a time machine..." mainly because most of the things you said were changing history instead of experiencing something from the past.


EDIT: I figured that I should add what I'd do.

-Ride some classic woodies like the Traver Cyclones, Texas Cyclone, Coney Tornado, etc.

-Watch Roger Bannister run the first sub 4 minute mile

-Some other stuff I can't think of right now

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O.K. I changed it! As for going back in time to experience something here's what I'd do


1. Ride Cedar Point's Wildcat

2. Go to Busch Gardens Willamsburg and ride Big Bad Wolf and Drachen Fire

3. Go to Kennywood and ride the original Steel Phantom

4. Ride Floodgate Falls and Crazy Quilt at Darien Lake

5. some other things that I can't think of now!

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Visit more Six Flags parks from 2002-2005

Visit way more Parks

Go to Six Flags Astroworld

Record more Roller Coaster shows



Theme Park Wise:

Prevent Premier Parks from buying Six Flags in 1998 (If We're gonna go fantasy, Let's go full blown)

Become CEO of Six Flags in 2005 (If We're gonna go fantasy, Let's go full blown)

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^I was going to say that in 1998 Premier Parks buys out Six Flags, but your idea was fine too!


Speaking of fantasies here what I would do


. Prevented Cedar Fair from buying out Paramount Parks in 2006

. Had Six Flags sold Darien Lake to Cedar Fair instead of Parc Parks in 2007

. Prevented Nickelodeon Studios from moving out of Universal Studios Florida

. Prevented Islands of Adventure from retheming the Lost Continent area to Harry Potter

. Had Six Flags rename/theme all of the Tony Hawk's Big Spin coaster to "The Joker" instead of Pandemonium

. Had Cedar Point put Windseerker in where Demon Drop was instead of moving Ocean Motion in there

. Had Darien Lake keep the kiddie raft ride in Beaver Brothers Bay instead of replacing it with Critter Chase

. Had Darien Lake keep the lockers by The Predator and the on-ride photo features on The Predator and Mind Eraser

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