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[RCT2] Blackpool and Heide Park

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I looked all over for recreations of Blackpool and Heide Park from RCT1 for RCT2, but apparently no one ever bothered. So I made them myself, and now I feel like being a cool guy and sharing them. I tried to make them as similar as possible to RCT1 with RCT2's dumbed-down paths and ground textures, so if there's anything I can improve on, feel free to address it.


Game Exchange Link - Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Game Exchange Link - Heide Park

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Yeah, I've been working on RCT -> RCT2 scenario conversions for some time now, using custom pathways to match the styles present in the original RCT. But, up to this point, no one's done Blackpool Pleasure Beach or Heide Park ever, so, good work.

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It's not an updated re-creation. Have you ever played RCT Loopy Landscapes? In that game there was a "Real Park" scenario for Blackpool Pleasure Beach. This (along with the Heide Park scenario) is a port of that scenario over to RCT2.


So, technically, the park is the way it was in 1999-2000.

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A guy named dakinle already made Alton Towers, so I didn't remake it as it would be a waste of time. You can find it with a Google search or try RCTSpace. By the way, scenarios have been remade by a few people: dakinle, rcthelp, and RCTScenarioLover. A few have even been remade officially by Atari (I think, assuming that's when they took over). I've personally taken all those scenarios in order of quality from the officials, to rcthelp's, to dakinle's, to RCTScenarioLover's (he's a retard who didn't even build the rides accurately) and tweaked them to fix what they missed or did incorrectly. I also resorted them all to go in Beginner, Challenging, and Expert for the originals, CF, and LL respectively. So I may upload them once I'm sure they're all as accurate as possible.

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