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[RCT2] Chestnut Lake Amusement Park

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Contruction Update!

I have replaced the park's oldest roller coaster, Screamin' Eagle, with a healine attraction for the new year. I decided that with only one Intamin coaster (Venomous), the park was to have another. I now present to you, Speed. With a top speed of 107mph and a max height of 345ft, this LSM launched roller coaster certainly lives up to its name! And it looks like Intamin have started work already!




Looks like one worker has already arrived at the site!




The first pieces have arrived! And they come with some supports too!




Contruction begins! A crane has already begun lifting pieces into place!

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Construction Update!


The park have announced that they've finished construction on the new rollercoaster! The layout and station have been complete, but they say that there is still a bit more to do in the way of paths, theming elements and shops/stalls. This new Intamin Launched rollercoaster, called Speed, propels riders up to 107mph, taking them up 345ft of track and bringing them right back down again! The double-station coaster has been tested and management is ready to begin construction on the surrounding area. We took a helicopter into the skies today to get some lovely pictures of the track layout and the station (please ignore the entrance/exit huts, as they will be removed):


The skyshot of the enormous coaster


The grand double-sided station

The park also announced that Thor, the parks B&M Hyper Coaster, is soon to be demolished to make way for a brand new coaster to be built later on in the year. The park have not yet told the press what the new coaster is but have promised that it will be a crowd-pleaser. Thor is currently SBNO and the park hopes to start construction as soon as possible.

In other news, the Gift Shop has received a total refurbishment, some toilets and an ATM have been placed, and a new bridge has been built to connect to children's zone to a new area to be built on the east side of the lake, where Thor is standing.


The new Gift Shop


The bridge will allow guests a clear view of the lake.




The ATM Machine

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That launched Intamin looks extremely immense and (kind of) unproportional to the park. Granted, in reality there are coasters of that size but in RCT2 you rarely, if never, see anything over 250ft. Maybe 175-225ft would look better buts that just me. Also, work on the supports for the top-hat, look at Stormrunner and Xcelerator for inspiration. Great improvements to that gift shop and that bridge... Really great. I've always wondered how to do something like that but you've nailed it. Great job.

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