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Sfgamguy's Work Thread (RCT2)

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B.A.B. - Contact me when you get it back and I'll send it over.


Thanks for the offers guys.



Two Screens: Railroad.bmp Portsmouth R.R. Z-Force.bmp And a possible custom Intamin Space Diver layout. Not to sure about this and if anyone is willing to make a layout for me it'd be greatly appreciated.

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K: Based upon what I've seen, I'm seeing a decent layout- but it could use some 'sweetening' up a bit, as well as a bit of tuning...


First, I'd not do the 'three beam/four beam Inty track merge: This is a personal thing more than anything else. Only two Schwarzkopfs were built with this particular track system (Heartlinelooping) in it, as He had begun work on the three-pipe system (Cone And Plug/Loopingcoaster Mk IIB) track systems by this point.


If you still want the 'HeartlineLooping' look, that's fine too- the issue is more for my own 'pickiness' with regards to Schwarzkopf coasters.


As for the layout: Very nice, but re-think the second half a bit: I've attached a 'these points here' below for what's good, bad or ugly. I'll go in the order in which your coaster would operate- so you'll get an idea of what's potentially a problem, or doesn't fit to Schwarzkopfian design theory...




(Mind you, the graininess of the photo doesn't show banking, etc. so I'll assume that is already done and correct!)


1.) Swoop dive off of the lift- very nice, and fits to the two other HeartlineLooping coasters built, but let's make a modification to this element: Raise the lift up by one more unit of height, and put a 'downslope shallow' one extra unit before heading into the swoop curve. Your velocity will improve, and you'll get better performance into the first drop.


2.) One of the keys to any Schwarzkopf design is keeping it fluid- that's the hallmark. Rises out of drops, no matter what they are, need to be smooth in and smooth out: The 'double kink' rise up should be rethought: With the Giga track, what I normally reccommend, especially if you're turning at the top is this: Use the 'wide' radius into steep climb, then use the narrow radius into the turn. You'll get rid of the kink, and have a smoother transition from the first drop.


3.) When dealing with a 'transiton track, such as this one, make sure it's got some 'oomph' to it. Since you have a long enough area here, I'd make it a true dip down, then rise up before heading into the loop- nothing TOO steep or too long, mind you, but something that will add some 'wheee' to the transition there.


4.) No flat spots before or after the loops, please. This goes for the second inversion as well. Although it appears that Schwarzkopf coasters have flat track entering/exiting the loops, it's actually a very shallow rise/fall into and out of them. For the sake of the game, however, I'd omit them- it's better visually.


5.) Steep drops into an element: This is for historical- and structural- accuracy here: You probably want to re-think this element entirely. Although He created the first deep swoop dives, during the era of the Heartlinelooping, the innovation hadn't reached that far. The track structure wouldn't allow for it, as at the time (1976-1978) we were still doing very basic stuff with coasters. Instead, I'd do this:


Off the MCBR, the train does a shallow drop-curve to the left. At the bottom of the drop, the train does a high-banked helix to the RIGHT, before diving down into the second loop. This brings us to...


6.) Re-think the orientation of the elements here; You have a left turn banked helix into a loop into a left turn banked helix. Reverse the direction of the helix, and you've got a winner there.


The layout is quite good, and reminds me of a cross-breed of Revolution (LoopingRacer Mk 1a) and Mindbender (SFOG; HeartlineLooping Mk 2a). You've got the right feel, but with a bit of bending, you'll have a great Schwarzkopf in your park.



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I'm loving the top half of the screen, but that pink/red building distracts from the jungle theme at the top. I know they are two different areas, but try to have some kind of transition between them. At the moment the two themes are clashing.

But great work otherwise!

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