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Planning a trip..

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I'm going on vacation this summer, and I've hit a few snags in terms of where to go. My original plan was to hit Knoebel's, Great Adventure, and Dorney Park. However, being under control of my parents, that simply isn't the best way to go. My parents would like to do something other than an amusement park at some point. They're old so they can't stand three parks in a few days... We'll be going the last week of June (28th to possibly into the 2nd or 3rd) I would like to visit at least one of these three parks, but I don't quite know much about any of them other than the rides. I'm not strongly opposed or for going to any of these parks. I prefer wood coasters to steel, but love both.


My carload will include:

Mom and Dad

Me and either 1 or 3 friends depending on who can come or who is allowed.


My parents probably won't spend much time in whatever park we go to, which means a general admission or cheap entry price is preferred. I also get discounts for being a TPR member along with my parents. Any sort of wildlife area is something my parents are looking for to do while me and friends are at the park. We may or may not be spending two days at whatever park we go to. Details are sketchy and I'd like to get the plan down so I can concentrate on making sure my friends can go.


I know there's plenty of you who have been to these parks, so any help is very much appreciated!

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Definitely Great Adventure, the only downside would be there's nothing for your parents to do. Well actually they could spend a day at the Safari if they wanted to.


Your second best option would be Hershey, as everyone has fun at Hershey. Plenty for your rents to do around Hershey, the whole town is awesome. Dorney is the least good park out of three, although it's not that bad.

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Well I've been to Hershey four or five times already. It's probably my favorite, but I'm looking to expand to other parks I haven't been to. (credit whoring..)


I'd say it really comes down to distance here. I think it's a shoe in for Great Adventure, especially considering 31 dollars off admission for everyone who's going... But Knoebel's is a bit out of the way from Dorney, and it could add an extra hour and a half of driving on the way up... I'm still discussing it with my parents, nothing has really been ruled out yet.

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Well, Hershey might be good for your parents to check out the zoo. While in the Hershey area, be sure to do Dutch Wonderland and ride the Lady Gay in my honor! Great Adventure has the animal exhibits too.

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Knoebels is a sure thing for a good time any day you go, any time of year, in any weather. SFGAd has the best coaster collection I've ever experienced, but in the summer time crowds are terrible in good weather. In bad weather, not all the rides run. Dorney is a very average park with a few good coasters, and a good water park. Considering how close together those three parks are, the areas couldn't be anymore different: Knoebels in charming rural PA, SFGAd in suburban NJ but attracts many guests from the Philly and NYC metro, and Dorney in a rust-belt type area.


I would pick Knoebels...though I do consider SFGAd one of my favorite parks. When I was younger, I went to Knoebels and Dorney with my mom (not the biggest coaster rider), and for some odd reason, she liked Dorney better. If your parents like to sit in the sun or swim in a big wave pool, Dorney might be best for them. Knoebels has so much for the whole family: shows, food, train rides, museums, golfing, camping, etc. SFGAd has a waterpark and safari park with separate admission. Still, I just can't say enough how much better the overall experience of Knoebels is for anyone age 1-100.

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